Why Smells Ring Bells

Author: Mike   Date Posted:2 September 2019 

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We sat in Mackers, we'd done our ordering and were waiting for our food to arrive.

I grabbed the newspaper.

As I 'disturbed' it from it's resting place a strong 'waft' of newspaper took me immediately back to my teenage years standing in a freezing cold newsagents on a dreadfully chilly UK Winters morning, trying to muster up the energy to keep sorting papers ready for a 5 mile bike ride delivering the news in and around the country areas of Nantwich.

But back to the aroma of that newspaper - how absolutely powerful it was to be able to re-kindle those memories so long ago.

Food too often seems to have a similar impact on people. If I had a $1 for each time a customer had told me that the Apple and Rhubarb Crumble had taken them back to their child hood and that 'they hadn't that taste since they were a child.

More recently several of our Taste Buddies told me that one of our new dishes for Spring - Smoked Cod Pie - was something they had had as a child and its smell had conjured up all sorts of distant memories.

So - my Mackers brekky experience took me back - but thinking on - it only took me a week or two to figure out that it was way too hard for 2 quid a week!

Is there something that does that takes you back?


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