A Review With A Difference..

Date Posted:5 March 2020 

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Reviews are a hot topic at Top Nosh at the moment. Earlier in the year we spent time figuring out how we could get more of all the good things you tell us over the phone and over the counter in our shop, onto the review page of our website.

On Tuesday last week I arrived at work to find this review on my desk and I was understandably touched by the effort this customer had gone to to let us know what they thought of the premade meals we cook, pack and deliver to customers in and around the Sunshine Coast and the more Northern suburbs of Brisbane.

IvĂ© worked in many businesses large and small and I seriously doubt that I'd ever find a business with a customer base that are so connected, loyal and totally enjoyable to work with.

Thank you for your appreciation - every little counts ... no matter how you choose to show it.

Mike and Dawn.


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