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Author: Mike   Date Posted:9 September 2019 

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It must have been 4 maybe 5 years after we moved to Australia from the UK that we saw a large double story house on 4 acres and after closer inspection we agreed a price and purchased it.

After 3-4 hard months of renos we were ready to open as a 2 room B&B. We put up signs and listed on Wotif.com and guests started to roll in and have a good time.

We offered a 3 course dinner for $25 in a cozy lounge close to a log fire. But despite this, and the great service, the only consistent comment we used to get related to Charlie - our big lump of cuddly Labradore. He could crack a Macadamia in its shell and eat the spoils, leaving the sharp shells on the lawn for any bare foot guests to play that hoppy ouch game you do when the kids leave their Lego around. Anyway - back to the story.

Very shortly after we arrived and during the renos Dawn slipped and damaged her ankle. She was out of action for 8 weeks, but we really didn’t think anything of it at the time.

Then, around 7pm one night during a conversation with our very level headed finance guy, he suddenly stopped the conversation and asked who we thought that might be running across the lawn - dressed in white - (there go the hairs on my arms).

The next 2 events though were extra scary....

...our downstairs bedroom was right underneath 'the room' where most of our guests chose to stay. The old style fan in our downstairs bedroom had several retro style light shades that would shimmy as the footsteps of the guests moving around above transmitted movement through the wooden floor. One very quiet Tuesday night I heard the familiar footsteps and the shades did their thing, but there were no guests in! This became a relatively frequent occurrence. We knew there was something not quite OK, and then ...

....as I was serving brekky one day a female guest approached me and asked if anyone had ever said anything about strange feelings in 'the room'. She said that she was awoken by what she thought was a male pulling the covers over her partner, who disappeared as soon as he realised she was stirring. 

Crikey - we chatted for a while about some of the other incidents that had happened and she repeatedly insisted there had definitely been someone else in the room during the night.

'Things' continued on over time...

...during dinner on the coast one night we had a panicked call from our Son Dean - who had hear loud footsteps upstairs. We had purposefully not told the kids anything about the mysterious happening so as not to scare them. We called the cops and they visited and found nothing.

...despite his fame Charlie was a very grounded, intelligent dog that never let stardom go to his head. He never went upstairs at all and was a 100% house trained dog. How shocked I was then when one day I found him upstairs in 'the room' having a poo! He obviously knew something too.

The strange happenings continued ...the property had lots of grass to mow and we invested in a good ride on and push mower. One day, right in the middle of mowing a large strip of grass, the belt on the ride on snapped. It was quite new so I didn’t really know why it had happened. Dawn grabbed the push mower and pulled the start cord. It wouldn’t start so I took over and - the same - it refused to start. As I began to pull out the spark plug to fix it and get it going, I heard and felt an enormous 'thud' as a thick oversize branch from one of the Gum Trees speared the ground where I would have been mowing. 

With all these 'things' going on - I had to find out more about the origins of the building so approached the agent and eventually located the original owner/builder, who I arranged to meet. He told me that the lower floor of the house had been built from scratch, but the upper portion had been trucked up from Holland Park in the burbs of Brisbane. He had many photographs of the house, one showing it just about squeezing through the old style toll gates on the Gateway on its journey up from Brisbane. 

Our conversation progressed and I wondered how I might mention some of the unusual things that had been going on. I didn't need to. He suddenly asked 'have you heard the footsteps'.

After that the conversation opened up and many of the things we were experiencing he had gone through himself. He told me he was glad to leave!

Time moved on and Mum and Dad came to stay from the UK. Mum has a history of sensing 'things' so we didn’t say a word and put them in 'the room' for 2 weeks. Nothing happened. No strange feelings, eerie outcomes or noises. It was a little disappointing.

The whole ghost issue was scary at times but not in any way threatening (despite our near miss with the Ghost Gum Branch). The original owner/builder thought that the phenomenon we had both experienced was due to something that had been disturbed by the move from Holland Park. I was never sure and it's been sold and re-sold several times in the past 10 years!

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