Approaching 10 years....

Author: Mike   Date Posted:9 December 2018 

Approaching 10 years.... main image Approaching 10 years.... image

When Dawn first suggested that we should look at buying a small food company in Beerwah I have to admit - I wasn't that keen. The only pre-packed meals I had any awareness of at that time were supermarket meals - and frankly they lacked taste, variety and always seemed to have those plasticy machine made flavours running through them.

But - despite my doubts - we dropped into what was at the time a very small commercial kitchen with no real shop front - and purchased 7 meals.

As soon as we tasted the first meal we knew there was something different going on. The food tasted genuinely home made.

That 'home made' approach, we believe - is one of the main reasons customers choose to repeat buy from us and has helped us ride the many ups and downs a small business faces as it approaches 10 years trading!

Thankfully - we are still able to say - 'Love The Tastes We Make'


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