Change >>> Here's My Story.

Author: Mike   Date Posted:4 November 2018 

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With the rapid pace of change fuelled by the internet, connectivity and smart devices its easy to forget that change, for those of us over our 50s, has been part of lives way before the internet was even thought of. Maybe not quite as fast and dramatic but nonetheless, change has been part of our lives in one way or another long before the invention of the internet. 

Change seems to come in 2 different forms...

Fast and furious - Uber. GPS.
Gently slipping in under the radar - Photography. Online shopping. 

Photography has always been something I've had an interest in since my boss handed me a brand new SLR camera and 10 rolls of film back in the mid 80s and its undergone massive change.

Unlike today you took alot of care what pics you shot as you got 26 on one single reel of film and then getting them developed was a whole different story.  The best I recall was within the hour at your local chemist but I seem to remember posting them off in a yellow bag knowing it'd be at least a week before you'd see the results. This became my method of choice and was the most cost effective way. 

Then digital came along and I got my first fujifilm digital camera maybe mid 90s. It cost just short of £500 but could take quality shots up to 1 mega pixel. Everything changed. Virtually limitless takes, results were available instantly and you got to see a much better live preview of what you were about to capture. 

Sadly.. with all change there are winners and losers. As digital photography grew more and more popular the need to develop diminished and I recall seeing these facilities disappearing from my local chemist and more recently from Big W stores. On the other hand the need for digital media was invented with the digital camera and there are now racks of sd cards in the same stores that used to develop the old style film. 

So.... what changes do you recall that maybe slipped in gradually under the radar or charged in like a raging bull?

Changes that made a difference in your life be that immediate and instant or steady and slow?

If running a small business has taught me anything it's that change is inevitable and relentless and if you don't or can't adapt to it quickly you'll soon become a casualty of it!


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