Covid - the team that got us this far....

Author: Mike Haines  

Covid - the team that got us this far.... main image Covid - the team that got us this far.... image


To protect the needs of our most vulnerable customers - we had to act fast. Our regular customers started to order double, new customer numbers were soaring and our suppliers were running out of essentials fast.

Our imaginations started to plague us with thoughts of closure and the desperation and anguish we’d cause to the hundreds that have supported us along our 11 year journey - if that day ever came.

Dawn and I have worked for large companies with detailed Management Disaster plans in place, but knew that no amount of planning or forethought could really help us - we had to push our fears to one side and use everything we could muster to kick a plan into action and do that real fast.

We started to ramp up the kitchen schedules, source different Suppliers and open up regular channels of communication specific to the pandemic.

We changed the ansa-phone message 2-3 times per week, dropped a weekly update in with every home delivery order and added an alert to the top of our webpage.

Our shop front was locked, the kitchen team got their own oven gloves and we all started to acquaint ourselves with the ducking and weaving you associate with social distancing.

There are just some of a myriad of large and small changes we’ve made since it all started. Changes often made ‘on the fly’ based on pure instinct.

Fortunately we are still here to tell the tale. We have strengthened bonds with customers and suppliers and like always - our team have been flexible with new routines, co-operative and on board. They are our biggest asset and are a joy to work with. They put the Top into Nosh!

We hope our message reaches you and yours fit and well and we guarantee we’ll all be here doing all we can to keep the lives of our clients remarkably normal.

Mike, Dawn and the Top Nosh Team.

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