Flashback To 2009

Author: Mike   Date Posted:10 September 2019 

Flashback To 2009 main image Flashback To 2009 image


Flashback to 2009.

When we first purchased the Top Nosh food business (it was known as Meals4U back in those days) - we found out almost at the last minute that the fridge box was included in the sale but not the delivery vehicle that it sat on!⁠

After some tense re-negotiations we proceeded with the purchase of Meals4U and the first pic, taken back in March 2009 shows the fridge box being 'rolled' from the old owners UTE to our brand new delivery vehicle - that eventually became known as Don!⁠

Don is still going strong and has now been re-branded with the Top Nosh Meals logos and is shown here in the second pic.⁠

Both of our delivery vehicles are Mitsubishi Tritons and have been ultra reliable, great to drive and I would highly recommend them.⁠

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