Hazel's Rice Pudding

Author: Mike   Date Posted:23 November 2019 

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'Hazel's Rice Pudding'

We made the mistake of taking the Rice Pudding dessert off the menu.

It was Hazel's all time fave.

So, for 12 months - every fortnight - Hazel asked us if we'd bring it back on.

Eventually we did and in recognition of Hazel's tenacity - we re-launched it and instead of calling it Rice Pudding - we went with 'Hazels Rice Pudding'.

Sadly Hazel past away not that long after we re-launched it, but the name lives on and is a reminder of a great, kind and loyal customer that we'd all gotten to know really well.

Before sending this email I spoke with Hazel's daughter in law - who was thrilled that we had named a dessert after Hazel, very happy that we continue to do so and that we tell you the story :-)


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