How The Sensational 6 Became The Fab 5....

Author: Mike   Date Posted:15 August 2019 

How The Sensational 6 Became The Fab 5.... main image How The Sensational 6 Became The Fab 5.... image
How The Sensational 6
Became The Fab 5

we wanted to do something a little different (a bit like a chef's special), something that would help boost our fresh meal sales, increase the number of shop customers and encourage people to hop onto our email list.

So originally we came up with the 'Sensational Six' - 6 fresh meals that we could sell for $6 each on a rotating basis - and would not be on our normal menus.

We decided to move the price to $5 to make them even more very attractive, but the

'Sensational 5'

just didnt seem to cut it so we brainstormed and Lisa came up with the Fabulous 5, which in true blue AU syle has become 

'The Fab 5'

So far you seem to be loving them....especially the week we had the Cottage Pie for sale.

This week we made over 40 Beef Chow Mein and they all sold, so there's more coming next week.
Following that we'll have a Spaghetti Carbonara, which we took a number of pics of yesterday.
Do you have a favourite pic - A or B or C ?
I'd love to know as I'll go with the majority.
and - did you try the Cottage Pie and/or the Beef Mince Chow Mein ?
As always we appreciate your thoughts in the comments area below or via email to
So - that people - is how the Sensational 6 became the Fab 5.

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depth of field?

By: on 15 August 2019
is this a trick question? either my eyes are worse than I thought or they are all out of focus in various areas.

Top Nosh Meals Response
... Bokeh - or 'shallow depth of field' - is in play in these - don't look too hard or you'll go a little crazeeeee! :-) Mike

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