In the run up to Christmas 2020...

In the run up to Christmas 2020... main image In the run up to Christmas 2020... image

In the run up to Christmas 2020 we had 2 choices for the Christmas Dessert. We could buy them in or we could make them.

So - we went ahead and made our own.


There were things that Megan had in pans I didn't even recognise - but the end result was tasty and super popular and when one of our customers found out that they were coming to an end - she purchased all of the 24 portions we had left!

Generally speaking (with one exception) it usually works out better when we make our own dishes (which we do 99% of the time).

We know what goes into them and probably more importantly - what doesn't.

And whilst we put the Christmas Pudding recipe away a while ago now, we continue to make 3 hot and tasty Winter Desserts...

Rice, Sticky Date & Bread and Butter Pudding

... right here in our commercial kitchen in Beerwah.


And if you want to know if it's "Made In Beerwah" next time you call - just ask us - the answer will be a resounding Yes 99% of the time!


Mike and Dawn have owned and run Top Nosh Meals since 2009.


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