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Author: Mike   Date Posted:9 October 2021 

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Meet Maggie

She would be my all time fave dog.

Focussed and a massive load of fun.

But today the story is about her chew toy - that ball you can see.

We'd had a great night with her human parents and were saying our good byes.

I stepped out onto the porch - straight onto Maggies chew toy.

It gave off the loudest squeak ever and everyone had a good laugh at my shock!

And it was then that it hit me.

No-one likes shocks. Not even a suprise and its not unusual for the office here at Top Nosh to take calls when the drivers are running late.

We know you like the regularity of delivery times and Drivers, so we work hard to make things happen as close to normal times as we possibly can do.

But - we do have a little surprise for you.

We are going to mix the drivers up a little.

Instead of Kath, you might see Mike, instead of Mike you might see Kaylene and instead of Kara, you might see Mike, Kath or Kaylene :-)

It's our way of making sure that all our drivers know all our runs.

But - to reduce the 'shock' (and after a suggestion from Kaylene) we'll be popping a flyer in your bag well before the change happens - so you'll know who's on their way next delivery.

Having stepped on Maggies Chew Toy recently - I know what it's like to get a shock.

So hopefully you won't have to now :-)

In the meatime here are pics of all our drivers.

Happy Top Noshing!















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