Slow Down - You're Going To Fast!

Author: Mike   Date Posted:4 August 2019 

Slow Down - You're Going To Fast! main image Slow Down - You're Going To Fast! image

On the radio yesterday I listened to a caller talk about their new car and how it was hard to travel at the speed limit, especially downhill. 

It reminded me of a visit I once made to the local Toyota Dealer after the Corolla we purchased ended up revving like hell coming down the Gateway bridge. 

After a few phone calls the dealer established that it was the Cruise Control doing its job - trying to hold us to the 80k speed limit I had set it to. Clever.

I also use a different technique to keep an eye on my speed.

There is a no cost free of advertising app called WAZE.

It's a nifty little GPS style app you can download for your mobile.

Play around with the settings and not only will it display the current speed limit but it will beep at you if you exceed it! The good thing is you dont have to have it set to a route to do so.

If you do have a route set it will warn of breakdowns and traffic jams and will route around them!

I use it now most of the time to give me that gentle nudge if I wander over the speed limit.

Waze - download for free here.

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