Spring 2019 Menu Changes

Date Posted:31 August 2019 

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A summary of this year's

Spring Menu Changes

3 new meals on the menu and 3 meals off the menu

Chicken and Veg Soup will stay on the menu, others wont


New Menu Items

--- Smoked Cod Pie ---

What did the 'Taste Buddy' Testers think?

The feedback was very positive from all, with 8 out of 10 saying that it was a very flavoursome meal.

A number thought that the proportion of Mash to Fish was a little high so we adjusted this. 

All reported to us that it heated up well in their microwaves and many asked us if they could order more on their next order!  

Having got such good feedback we decided to go ahead with this dish and its now available to purchase as a Frozen meal in a Petite or Medium size.

the second new menu item is a 

--- Roast Chicken Dinner ---

What did the 'Taste Buddy' Testers think?

time got away with us and this meal only went out to two taste buddy testers - who thought that it was delicious. One even called into the shop to tell us how much she had enjoyed it. They did question the use of Chicken thigh instead of Chicken Breast so we explained that Chicken Thigh will retain it's moisture far better than Chicken Breast - and that was the main reason. Several Top Nosh staff took one home and gave it a big thumbs up.

This dish is now available to purchase as a Fresh meal and as a Frozen meal in a Petite or Medium size.

the third meal is an old favourite and will welcomed back by many - say hello to...

Minted Lamb Patties

Many of our longer term customers will know this dish from a year or so ago. It's tastes were always very popular and I recall sitting around the lunch table with a number of staff from a medical center several years ago when one of the Doctors tasting this meal told me that it was the ultimate home style meal full of natrual textures and flavours.

Like the vast majority of the meals we have for sale - its made from scratch in our commercial kitchen here in Beerwah by our team of professional cooks.

This dish is now available to purchase as a Fresh meal and as a Frozen meal in a Petite, Medium and Large sized meal.

Menu Items We Are Retiring

Beef Massaman Curry
Moroccan Chicken
Beef and Dumplings
will be retired for the Spring menu and as the weather starts to warm up we know that our Soup sales will decline so, following in the footsteps of the past 10 years we'll keep the Chicken and Veg soup on and retire the other soups.
all prices remain the same with the exception of Fresh Salmon (up to $12.40)
Apple and Raspberry Crumble (up to $4.60).
Spring Menu Links
To Download a printable Spring Menu - Click Here
To visit the New For Spring category - Click Here
That just about rounds up the changes that we are bringing in for our Spring Menu and we pass on our thanks for your ongoing support which has kept us alive and kicking for the past 10 years!
and the Top Nosh Team





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