The End Of The Road For Sizzler In Australia

Author: Mike   Date Posted:4 October 2020 

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The End Of The Road
For Sizzler

It was sad to read that Sizzler will be closing down the remaining 35 restaurants here in Australia in November 2020.

When we first arrived in Australia as International students I got a job at the Sizzler in Mt Gravatt as a waiter and back in those days the All You Can Eat Salad Bar was a mere $7.50 - (compared to $27.95 nowadays) and it was as famous for its cheese toast then as it is today.

I didn't really fit the typical Sizzler Waiter profile as I rocked up on my postie bike and was probably a good 20 years the senior of most of my colleagues - who were often keen to banter on about the pool party they were going to that night rather than keeping their customers happy!

I moved into the kitchen as a Grill Chef and it was busy. On a Saturday night there would literally be a sea of dockets flapping away on the cook rail and it became impossible to keep up unless you simply tipped bags of all the different types of steaks they sold onto the grill every so often and chose from them as you went.

I learnt a lot about working in the midst a younger Australian generation and I will always remember cooking thousands of eggs and kilos and kilos of bacon on a Fathers Day back in 1995. On that day we had a family arrive for breakfast and stay all the way through until mid afternoon. They certainly got their moneys worth and caused Sizzler to change some of their policies relating to the all you can eat aspect of their salad bar!

It'll be a fond goodbye that we'll wish the Sizzler people here in Australia as they close their doors in November for good. We hope you can deploy those that have worked for you to other area of your operations.

Thank you for helping the Haines Family get started here in Australia.   

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