The Epic Sunshine Coast

Author: Mike   Date Posted:13 December 2019 

The Epic Sunshine Coast main image The Epic Sunshine Coast image

Not that long after we arrived in Australia in 2000 we met and made great friends with a local Pineapple Farming family. Howard was a true blue Ozzy bloke and I used to help him out at the Jan Power farmers markets in Brisbane.

He was born in Glass House Mountains and had lived in the area all his life, so claimed never to really understand why tourists would visit the area in their thousands.

Several years agao now he sadly passed away suddenly and very unexpectadly. It was a huge shock - one of those events that hits you so hard you'll always remember where you were when you heard the bad news.

If Howard were alive today I'd sit him down in front of the biggest screen known to man, crank up the volume and take him on this epic journey around the Sunny Coast. 

I never really knew if he was just winding me up though - he was the sort to do that.

So, this video, stitched together from drone footage I have taken over the years - is for Howard, but I know he'd like it to be shared.


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