The Importance Of Relatives

Author: Mike   Date Posted:24 September 2019 

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The Importance of Relatives

We often take initial fact finding calls or emails from adult children or the grandchildren, of potential customers. They have usually been referred to us by health professionals, have googled us or have found us via our Social Channels.

Recently one such phone call from Dave*, the son of a Sunny Coast Senior - Enid, evolved into a small trial order & subsequently Enid re-ordered. 

Dave, his Mum and sister were very happy with the results from the trial order (see the snippet from the email exchange) 

& Enid is now on our fortnightly courtesy call reminder list.

Now it would be unwise to claim that our products and services work for everyone, they don't - and frankly - after 10 years making and delivering pre-made fresh and frozen meals in and around the Sunshine Coast and the more Northern suburbs of Brisbane - we realise that such an expectation is unreasonable. Food is very subjective (I think I'm stating the obvious??).

But, where the relatives of our customers take the lead and become an integral part of the processes we go through to foster and build long term and lasting relationships with their parents or grandparents, our chances of gaining and fostering early trust are greatly enhanced.

And trust - we know - is the silent ingredient for success that is just as important as the best cut of meat or freshly cooked veggies!

Mike and Dawn

Owners Top Nosh Meals. 
(07) 5494

*names exchanged to maintain anonymity






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