The Life Of A Delivery Driver..

Author: Mike   Date Posted:13 December 2018 

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Whenever we recruit new drivers (which we haven't done for a long time) we always emphasize the need to read the driver notes on the run sheet thoroughly.

These often supply vital time saving information about the delivery.

Today I didn't.

Well - I did - but only 'partly' - oops!

I read...

"Gated single house in a court yard setting - so call the office for the gate code". 
(we never print gate codes on the driver sheet - for obvious reasons).

That's as far as my reading went. I'd seen enough. Onwards.

I called the office and got the code, open the gate, drove into the courtyard area and left the meals safely in the designated spot and departed.

Well - 'departed' doesn't quite tell the entire story!

The large sliding security gate had closed trapping me and the vehicle in the court yard area.

No problem - I just drove up to the gate and - waited. 

Nothing happened.

I searched around. Nothing.

So - remembering the golden rule - I re-read the driver notes.

"DON'T drive all the way in. Leave the nose of the vehicle across the path of the gate. If you don't it will close and there is no way out UNLESS Shirley is home - who will let you out with the remote'

OK - Shirley was not home. I'd driven in. The gate had closed. 

With high walls surrounding the property and a huge heavy gate - it was looking like a long wait for someone to come home and let me out.

Eventually - I drove the vehicle right up to the gate, hopped on the bonnet and lunged neatly over the gate. 

I plugged in the code from outside of the gate - and hey presto - I was free again!

For the remaining 10 drops - I read the driver notes - thoroughly!

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very funny

By: on 4 March 2019
that's a hard lesson to learn !!! but valuable

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