The origins of ZDDM Catering

Author: Mike   Date Posted:8 August 2021 

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It was an uneventful Friday, the phone rang - I looked around and the team were at the far end of the kitchen, so I answered it and spoke with Joan.

Joan is one of our few customers that would remember the days when I was the only driver, and I remember her kindness as I would rock up at the end of a really busy day in the blistering heat - looking forward to a big chilled glass of water she always had ready for me.

I also remember that she is as Yorkshire as they come and I was greated with something like 

"Now lad - what have you got for me this week"

as I arrived with her weekly order.

Delivering to all of our customers was nice, but Joan - well it was especially nice.

"Are you ZDDM Catering" came the voice down the phone. "My carer needs to know."

I explained that yes that is our Company Name. 

I also told Joan that the day we sat in the Accountants office many years back going through the motions of changing from a simple partnership to a Company was all going well until we were asked for the name of the new Company Entity.

With very little in mind - we quickly came up with ZDDM Catering, the first initials of all the members of our direct family - Zara, Dean, Dawn and Mike - ZDDM.

Dawn was keen to be the Director, until she found out that Directors are the first to go to jail if something really bad happens. She settled on the Company Secretary and yours truly became the Director.

So - there you have it.

If you see ZDDM Catering on your invoices or receipts or your Care Organisation asks you if you know anything about a Company called ZDDM - well you'll now be able to say a confident Yes! 








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