The Petite Meals Story - How A Customer Inspired A Change For The Good Of All...

Author: Mike   Date Posted:12 February 2021 

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The Petite Meal Story

Inspired by one of our regular customers - Dawn came up with the idea of a Petite sized meal in 2014 when we quickly started to realise that we needed some extra small kitchen tools to make smaller meals.

One such tool was a potato scoop - and we hunted around for a number of weeks to find one as small as we needed to make a tiny portion of mash.

Extra scales were also needed to cope with the increased weighing we needed to do.

Packaging was an issue and it was hard to find a Petite Sized container that would meet all the needs - but of course we did. With all of these niggles ironed out we launched our Petite Range back in 2015.

It didn't take long for lots of customers to switch to this new size of meal as their appetites had faded with age, or they needed a smaller sized meal to help them regain their appetite after a period of illness or when recovering from a hospital stay.


Petite meals having their lids and labels applied on a typical busy day.

Petite Roast Chicken Dinner. 

Petite Lamb Patties. 

Petite Sweet and Sour Pork
Edward - the customer who first inspired the Petite size meal and helped us develop the range - has, sadly passed away. 

His appetite had faded with age and he stopped using us for a while as the Medium sized meal became too large for his needs. This was the pivotal moment when Dawn started to think that a smaller meal may help lots of Seniors through the more senior years of their lives.

Once we discussed the idea of a smaller sized meal with Edward he was really excited and told me that he would definitely come back to us.

So, after working through all the niggles - we introduced this size in 2015 and true to his word - Edward started to use this size straight away until 2019 when he moved into respite.

We were humbled to know that we'd played a vital role in helping Edward to stay in his own home until very close to the end of his life, and we remain eternally grateful to Edward for the help and advice he offered that always had a big impact on our thinking.

RIP Edward

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In many ways we believe that the Petite Meal range has helped us maintain and grow as they enabled us to offer a range of sizes that customers can 'downscale to' as their needs lessen with the ageing process.

They set us apart from our competitors and they are very popular!

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Meals For Seniors

Petite Meals - simply smaller versions of our Medium sized meal for Seniors that require a quality 'smaller' meal. 

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