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Author: Mike   Date Posted:5 August 2020 

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We took a call from a brand new customer recently.

She was in her 90s and warned us at the outset that she was feeling quite nervous. 

It would be the first time we have ever been told that so clearly.

So - it was not time to share a joke, the latest kitchen news or to be vivascious in anyway.

Within a short while she was chatting easily with us and finished the call by telling us that she felt like she had been talking with an old friend.

It made the call taker feel pretty special!

It's really easy to forget the challenges our Seniors face, especially here in the year 2020.

Things we often take for granted like operating EFTPOS, Tap and Go, Online Ordering and even having a Debit Card.

But let me also say that we never assume.

We always ask if new customers have email addresses. 

We have Seniors that order from the comfort of their lounges on their tablets and pay via Paypal.

We also have Seniors that call and tell us how we can fix our website.

So - we treat every call with an open mind.

We adapt as needed to those that want to get off the phone as quickly.

And we have to think quickly when Max calls with an opening line that goes something like this....

'Is that Beerwah's greasy spoon?"

thanks Max - you are very special - but you do need some new material :-)


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