The Question We Get Asked All The Time...

Author: Mike Haines   Date Posted:27 September 2018 

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The One Thing Everyone Wants To Know...

The Question We Get Asked All The Time...


 What Time Will You Arrive?

I have to admit that, in the early days when I used to take all the phone calls - it used to puzzle me why you, like so many others, always wanted to know the delivery time when you were placing an order over the phone, particularly when you'd tell me later in the call that you'd be in all day anyway, I genuinely just didnt get it!

And then Dawn and I ordered a new fridge for home...with free delivery. 

Guess what I asked?


So then I thought got it, as I sat there. Twiddling my thumbs.

Waiting for the door bell to ring.

Desperately wondering where they were. With my new fridge - so that we could get on with the rest of our day.


But it still didn't fully explain why you often ask for a time when you are going to be home all day anyway.

I knew I was still missing something important.

So, me being me I asked and the results were - well a little surprising.

The question normally comes from our more Senior customers (our younger customers are usually out and happy to know that their meals will be left safe in an eski).

So - back in those early day my understanding became clear. Being a Senior I realise you have your day mapped out often with home visits from a Carer a Cleaner and any amount of other service providers.

You often plan your daily shower and other time consuming activities  around our visit times

(you don't want to be out the back having a nap and miss us - for instance).

Knowing when we will arrive with your delivery of pre-packaged fresh or frozen meals helps you work us into your day.

At last - I got it - but then how do we fix it as providing an accurate delivery time can be hard as we home deliver fresh and frozen meals all over the Sunshine Coast and the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane.


So - this is what we do...

- We quote a typical arrival time within a 2-3 hour window if you call, email or ask us in the special delivery instructions area (online orders).

We then make every attempt to deliver to you within this quoted time frame but things can happen that delay us. 

If we are running exceptionally late we will call you and let you know.

- Also you can call us on the day to get an update as our refrigerated vehicles are tracked which means we can see their current location on a "live map" in the office. This avoids the need for us to call the driver and means we can quickly give you an accurate estimate of their arrival time as they approach your area on the day of your delivery.

So we invite you to call us on the day of the delivery and we'll be able to tell you where the driver is and approx. how long it will be before they arrive.

What Time Will You Arrive?

the most frequently asked question you ask us!

Is there something I've missed?

Drop me a line or add a comment below.

I'm always keen to learn and understand how we can improve what we do and best meet your needs.



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Day of delivery

By: on 27 September 2018
I wish to know what days you deliver at Birtinya & whether it’s in the morning or afternoon. I live in a lock gated complex & I volunteer a fair bit so not home on occasions. But as this is so I need to be home for delivery. Your meals look nice & wish to try out some as sick of cooking for one at times.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Hi Annette... we deliver to Birtinya every Wednesday and Friday between 11am and 2pm. We can of course leave meals in an eski if the delivery times don't suit. Regards Mike.

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