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Author: Mike   Date Posted:10 July 2021 

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-- The Things We Do --

On Thursday I was out and about delivering with Kara, a new driver.

New to delivering, but not new to Top Nosh, Kara has been working in our kitchen for a while now.

I was explaining how it is important to make good notes about a customer's particular delivery routine when a very different and kinda funny situation came to mind.

Its a little involved so after taking me through the routine for the first time several years ago I told John, our customer, that he'd need to explain it to every driver that delivered to him, as there was no way I could even think about documenting it in writing.

But here is my best effort anyway.....

It involves a dog and a carport.

The carport is fully enclosed with a roller door for the car and an access gate for a person.

His dog is very - lively - very.

Small - but - active.

Small - but - quite loud!

So - the moment the access gate opens the dog - bolts! Believe me its not funny and I have personal experience.

John has devised a plan.

Stick with me - this is the hard bit...

The delivery driver walks all the way down to the access gate, which is at the far end of the car port.

Leaves the meals in an eski.

Then walks back in the direction they came as the dog bounces up and down against the side of the car port like a crazed yoyo!

Meantime - John nips out the access gate and quickly grabs the meals.

And there you have it!

Another successful delivery.

On the last 2 deliveries pooch has taken a little more convincing than normal to follow on my return journey and I suspect will soon 'clock' his owners strategy.

We have, and always will be - very motivated to get your meals to you - despite the efforts of those that may try and stop us!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend - we're just off out for a 10k walk along Margate Parade, where there'll be lots of pooches - no doubt.

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