The Up and Downs Of Running A Small Business....

Author: Mike   Date Posted:10 February 2021 

The Up and Downs Of Running A Small Business.... main image The Up and Downs Of Running A Small Business.... image
There are times as business owners we feel really tense, overwhelmed and even a tad scared.

Running a food business, making and delivering a reange of Fresh and Frozen meals all over the Sunshine Coast and the more Northern suburbs of Brisbane - is not always plain sailing. Like a clock on the wall - the simplicity of its outward appearance is often in dire opposition to the complexities of the mechanisms that you'd see if you flipped it over and saw the cogs, wheels and general "stuff" that keeps it ticking over.

Like a clock - our business is full of moving parts that need lots of TLC to keep it ticking over smoothly.

Sometimes that task can get overwhelming.

But - we're OK and always will be
Ok - only because - to counter the occasional broken cog, flat battery or spanner in the works - we've got you guys and our team.

The hundreds of you who find it within yourselves to express your appreciation to us about the differences we make and the problems we fix for you and/or those you care for.

And then our team - who show up day in day out, have formed the essence of what we have really become over the past 11 years and have the knowledge and experience to fix broken mechanisms.
So we'll keep on keeping on ... helping you maintain your everyday normality.

In fact - if you are a customer taking regular deliveries - you'll know you can almost set your clocks by us!

So - until our next telephone conversation, email or yarn over the counter .....


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