When Petite Is Perfect....

Author: Mike   Date Posted:28 April 2020 

When Petite Is Perfect.... main image When Petite Is Perfect.... image

Smaller Appetite?

Recovering from a hospital visit?

Have you had your fill of snack size pastas, rice and spicy foods?

In 2014 I visited customers who had stopped using us due to the onset of old age.  

Our Medium sized meals had become too large for their diminishing appetites.

When they saw the size of the new proposed 'Petite' meal I had taken with me they were impressed - I recall in particular the words of Edward 'I'll be back and ordering those as soon as they are available.'

And so he did, all the way through to his mid nineties.

The video is a true oldie - shot back in the days when we were Meals4U....but it's message remains constant.

Petite Can Be Perfect!











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