Why Is Australian History So Captivating?

Author: Mike   Date Posted:8 June 2020 

Why Is Australian History So Captivating? main image Why Is Australian History So Captivating? image

The Battle Of Hastings 1066

The Signing of the Magna Carter 1215


The Battle Of Waterloo 1815

are all events and moments etched in the history of the UK that every school teaches and everyone in the UK would know about or at least have awareness of. 

But - they all took place so long ago that I find them hard to relate to, really understand and 'feel' their relavance to everyday life. 

Recent Australian History on the other hand 'feels' very real and connecting it's relevance and impact on everyday life is something that just happens for me.

Take for instance this sign that I spotted on a walk into Brisbane recently....

Who'd have thought that cast iron water pipes used to supply water to the inner suburbs of Brisbane since the 1890s travelled 10,000 miles from the UK?

And one shipment still rests at the bottom of the English Channel off Ramsgate...


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