Why Not Expand?

Author: Mike   Date Posted:26 June 2020 

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Occasionally I get asked why Top Nosh never grew into a larger company.

Why we stayed a small 'one off' style business.

After all - we've had the opportunities.

Back in 2017 we had the chance to put our Fresh Meals on every shelf of a National Food Chain and we've been approached on multiple occasions by investors wanting to buy a part of us or asking about franchising.

But - you know - it just never felt the right thing to do.

There are 3 main reasons...

1 - Maintaining Connections

 I like to know what's going on, who's who in the zoo and what Joan had to say about the new soup last week.  If someone is off sick and the team needs a hand I'll happily take calls, jump into the truck or stir the pot.

I value the connections with those around me and am never too happy being too far from the coal face for too long. 

Again - I'm aware that, in large companies office politics often cloud judgments, spoil relationships and hinder progress - sometimes!


2 - We Save - We Pay.

Anyone who works with me knows I have a healthy paranoia about paying bills on or before time.

Every week everything on the spike just HAS to be paid - there is no choice (just ask Lisa). 

Last week we purchased a brand new delivery vehicle.

We saved hard for it and paid for it one bank transfer.

But this approach has not always worked in our favour...  

When trying to become a new customer to a label supplier we had to apply for credit and could not get it - why - because we pay all our Suppliers every Friday so don't have any '30 day' credit history - bizarre!! 

But then, even Paypal emails us offers of $15,000 credit quite often!

So - right or wrong - I just don't do credit.

It's just the way I do business.

So the idea of getting a huge loan to expand into a large factory premises is just not part of any plans I have ever had.


3 - Quality Control

as you know we have a team of awesome staff. It's a pleasure to know that everything is just ticking along whether Dawn and I are present or not. In a small environment with the right people who care about the job they do, it's not hard to mould their skills, talents and natural ability to care - around our systems.  

I've worked for Global companies here and in the UK and have witnessed really poor standards first hand. Rude staff, uncaring Management Teams and waste like you would not believe! I understand that not all Global Companies are like this.

Again - in a small environment maintaining the Quality of your Products and Services is a tangible task that is not that hard to do within 1 location.

Frankly - I have always feared being an owner of a large company (like those featured on Under Cover Boss) where the Director has lost all knowledge of the customer experience.


So there are the 3 reasons we are what we are! 

We thank all of you that continually choose to use us for yourselves, your parents or grandparents and those that continually refer new clients to us.

Without you we are nothing!


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By: on 28 June 2020
I like the journey you have chosen. Fay Thomson

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Fay - we always appreciate your support and feedback. Mike and Dawn

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