You Should Have Seen The Look On This Customer's Face!

Author: Mike   Date Posted:21 March 2019 

You Should Have Seen The Look On This Customer's Face! main image You Should Have Seen The Look On This Customer's Face! image

Locked In - But Let Out!

It was 3pm Friday.

Lisa tidied up a last few last minute jobs and headed off for the weekend.

Shortly afterwards, I closed down the PC and headed in the same direction.

But - Lisa had locked the security bolt on BOTH external doors!

I was well and truly locked in and the only key that could let me out - was with me - on the inside!


I called Lisa - who was busy 'chatting' with Kaylene in Banjos enjoying coffee. She didn't hear her phone so remained blissfully unware of my situation!


'Hero style' extraordinary Superman thinking was needed - so - I was well and truly up one of those creeks we all sometimes find ourseleves in from time to time :-(


But,  just as I was contemplating a lonely weekend 'in store', with 20+ meals to choose from, Netflix on the PC in the office, desserts, coffee, movie nights - I spotted what looked like a very late customer walking away from the front of the shop towards her car.


My survival instincts kicked in and I raced to the door and madly banged on the glass. 


She turned and looked. I jumped up and down. Waved. Yes - she saw me..... but turned away and carried on towards her car (she didnt really, I just added that bit for extra suspense!)


Shouting through the glass I explained that I could slip the key through the crack in the 2 sliding doors, she could unlock the bolt for me and LET ME OUT!


It took a little while but soon I was liberated.


After sorting out a shop order with a suitable 'liberation' discount applied - I locked up and enjoyed a normal weekend.






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By: on 21 March 2019
What a relief!!!!!!!
Did you take a lotto ticket?

Top Nosh Meals Response
Ha Ha! Drat... I should have got a lotto ticket!! Cheers Lisa

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