Every cloud has a silver lining....

Author: Mike Haines   Date Posted:19 August 2019 

Every cloud has a silver lining.... main image Every cloud has a silver lining.... image



The business that we nearly did not buy.

There's nothing correct or acceptable about drinking and driving, which is where this story starts but, unlike most drink and drive scenarios - it does have a happy ending 

no-one was injured, no property got damaged & some very important lessons were learnt.


The journey was unnecessary but it happened anyway.

A short trip to the local servo ended in a day in court and loss of a drivers license for a young P Plater.

A smidgen over the limit he paid the price.

Fortunately - no-one was injured & no property got damaged.

Sadly though - his apprenticeship was looking a little shaky as he had the need to travel the length and breadth of the sunny coast to different work sites.

His Mum stepped in.

Definitely not the world's most confident driver and in the days before GPS devices were even thought of - dropping and collecting her son at any number of unknown street addresses in new build areas - was a significant personal challenge.

But one that would reap wonderful rewards...


Roll the clock forward a few years.

A small business comes up for sale that at the time required only 1 fulltime person who could do anything and everything in relation to cooking and delivering a range of meals to people's houses - in and around - the Sunny Coast!

By now his Mum (my wife Dawn) had become the local refidex for the Sunny Coast and knew the place like the back of her hand.

Add into the mix a GPS and the job of delivering, one which used to seem insurmountable and would not have been even contemplated prior to the 'Tradie Drop off and Pick Up' experience - had now become a walk in the park.

The business was purchased and run virtually single handed by Dawn for the first 12 months.

Home Deliveries - were a breeze!

I joined in 9 months later and we have both worked in the business now for 10 years +

Every cloud has a Silver Lining!


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