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Comments (89)

Great service and food

By: on 22 December 2020
I’ve recently ordered my first delivery of meals and the couple I have eaten so far have been very good.

I only order the petite size meals which seem to be plenty for me so no waste either.

The service initially to set up my account and charge a portion to my care plan was excellent.
Thank you

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks Laurel .... getting people started on the % split basis can bit a bit tricky so its good to see that we've been able to make it pretty easy to setup for you - and no waste with the Petite sized meals - sounds ideal :-)

Hope you enjoy the remainder of 2020 and have happy and prosperous 2021.



So happy to have found you!

By: on 13 December 2020
So glad to have found Top Nosh meals.
Mum is 90 and likes to be as independent as possible. The style and variety of meals is perfect for seniors and being able to select a size to suit the appetite is important for people who lived through war and depression - waste not want not. Mum would hate to have to throw uneaten food away. Now she can choose the size to suit her needs.
Mum loves fish so is happy to have several fish dishes to choose from, the fresh salmon dish was her favourtie and so good for her. She also enjoyed the corned beef and salmon patties - but who doesn't love a classic dish! Delivery was easy and the lady who delivered was friendly.
Having freshly cooked, senior friendly, healthy meals is terrific for mum and gives her independance and choice.
Thanks Top Nosh

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks Sandra .... from the first couple of weeks of operating back in 2009 we realised one of the main reasons people purchased from us was to maintain their independence...and we've collected some great stories from very senior Seniors since then! So - it's great to hear things are working out well for your Mum.



Mum’s first order

By: on 7 December 2020
Hi Mike,
Mum just received her first order. She is 91 and no longer able to stand up in the kitchen for long periods of time cooking. She said the quiche and salad was excellent, freshest salad she has eaten.
The service you and your team provides will enable mum to eat well and importantly contribute to maintaining her independence at home.
Thanks so much!

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks Bonnie .... before she passed away, my own Mum used to visit us from the UK and tell us that she really wished there was something like us over there. She had tried lots but didn't like those processed flavours you tend to get in mass produced processed meals. Home style it is ... and I'll let the team know about your salad comments in particular.



From a First Time Top Nosh Consumer!

By: on 4 December 2020
I have thoroughly enjoyed your frozen much easier than cooking for one!

Thanks to everyone involved.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Faye - we appreciate your support.

Dinner made easy!

By: on 2 December 2020
Really glad to be able to support a local business providing local jobs.
Impressed with the meals. What you see on the website photo is what you get!
Very tasty and a good variety of options.
Thoroughly enjoyed being able to have 'home cooked' meals without always having to do the cooking myself.
Thank you.

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks Judy .... we take meals home for one of our (adult) kids from time to time and I have to admit that I sneak one in the microwave for myself every so often ... I agree - they are so convenient.

Enjoy what's left of 2020 and we hope we see you again in 2021.



Perfect Meals for Mum

By: on 13 November 2020
Top Nosh meals were recommended to my Mum Dorothy by a visiting nurse, and we are so glad that they did!
Mum finds the meals an absolutely perfect size for her, and loves the variety and the ease of preparation.
At 94, Mum still cooks most of her own meals, but found adding in variety difficult and also has found it hard to find meals that suit her taste and her appetite, but the Top Nosh Petite Meals are exactly right for her.
Of course the choice of deserts are amazing too!!
Thank you Top Nosh for catering to this very precious part of our community and for helping me relax knowing that Mum is eating well, with lots of variety at very affordable prices :)
P.S.... Mum tells me that the delivery lady is amazing and helpful too :)

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks Cathy.... a perfect summing up - wow! I have just printed out your review for the team here at Top Nosh to have a read through. They will be humbled. Thanks again..



Delicious first meal

By: on 22 October 2020
The Fresh Roast Lamb was delicious with a surprising amount of meat. I had a post hospital discharge interview just after I had the meal for lunch and the Interviewer asked for one of your enclosed pamplettes as I was so complimentary about it.

Top Nosh Meals Response

Hi Susan and thanks for your great review!

The kitchen team have been telling me (very recently) that we've been getting through literally kilos and kilos of Lamb for the fresh meals each week, but we've never reduced the size of our portions once they are on our menu - unless we also reduce the price or undergo a thorough communications campaign. We personally find this a really annoying and "trust breaking" tactic when you pay the same and then - all of a sudden - get less - so we just don't do that!
Needless to say your review hit the spot!

I was sorry though to see that you had missed a cut off for a delivery of fresh meals recently and wondered if you knew that we can give you a courtesy reminder call if you ever wanted us to?
Thanks again Susan. Hope you get well soon.



Great food and service .

By: on 21 October 2020
I have just received another order . The choice and selection available is a fantastic feature , it virtually enables me to select whichever meal I feel like eating each night ,without the hassle of preparation and cooking.
I am trying a few different meals with each order , I already have some favourites though , sweet and sour pork , and sausage in onion , and Apple pies. Delivery is done by a very pleasant girl , who is both personable and professional . What more could I ask for ,the website is a breeze to operate , and the owners are very attentive and obliging and willing to assist with any difficulty that may arise . Many thanks from a happy customer .

Top Nosh Meals Response

John - thanks for your online review - which is an awesome summary of what we do!

We're glad we are making a difference :-)



Top Nosh Indeed!

By: on 30 September 2020
My Wife is a lady in her mid to late '80's with some serious mobility problems. I am no spring chicken either, but I do all our cooking and although not a chef, my main concerns have always been that our meals are at least adequate, well-balanced, interesting and as healthy as I can manage. In recent times, my own health is failing and I have realised that there will be times when I can't continue.. BE, previously Comlink, recently gave me your menu. My Wife and I, have tried various supermarket meals and am wary.. We decided to try your product, found that the ordering is simple, the service is excellent, and the meat selection and cooking of the whole meal top-notch - no pun intended! I have even regained my appetite! I am amazed at the consistent quality of your meals..!
Thank you, Top Nosh and BE!

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks Lawrence for your heartfelt review. How good it is to know we are making a difference.

Hope we can be of assistance long into the future :-)



We'll be ordering from time to time.

By: on 20 September 2020
Thanks. Have finished my first order and enjoyed. I still do like to fiddle in the kitchen at times, but not every day, so the meals are great to have in the freezer.

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks "sorry your name didnt come through in the review".

We often tell new people that there is no requirement to order on a regular pattern if there is only a need for meals on an irregular basis and we don't have those nasty contracts :-). We just do our best to entice you back with deliciously tasting food, great phone service and a perfect smile from Kath or Kaylene :-)



Super helpful :)

By: on 16 September 2020
I live in New Zealand and was wanting to help out family that were dealing with a terminally ill member and lighten their load by providing meals so they had one less thing to be worrying about. The team at Top Nosh Meals, were super helpful and accommodating and made the whole process so easy and felt very personalised. Obviously I haven't eaten the meals myself but got great feedback from my family they were so appreciative. I will be ordering more for them in the very near future, thanks so much lovely people :)

Top Nosh Meals Response

Byndie .... it always makes us feel good when we know we have helped people out, but when it's someone from overseas it's extra satisfying.
We haven't spoken to your folks since they received the meals, but they seemed pretty pleased when we arrived. We hope all is well as can be expected given the circumstances.
Thanks again ....



Fish in Parsley Sauce

By: on 16 September 2020
We had a first taste of your products with Fish in parsley sauce . It was beautiful , well presented,and great tasting.
Also we have enjoyed roast beef.
Other dishes are in the freezer. I look forward to eating them also.
Your dishes have made meal prep a "dream"for my wife.
Thank you so much!

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks David....its really great to know that we are making a difference.

Hope we can be of assistance long into the future :-)



Glad to have made the change! By Dawn on 7th Septe

7 September 2020
It took me a long time to succumb to the fact I wanted help in preparing a decent meal for my husband and myself as it meant giving up another part of our life together, but I had to have an operation on my thumb recently which had been playing up for a good while, so I eventually made the move to order from your great array of meals, especially since I had tried some meals from Supermarkets which left a lot to be desired.
From the very first week, just a fortnight ago, my husband and I have enjoyed all the meals we've tried, of course we each have our favourites. My husband especially likes the Chicken Schnitzel and the Beef Sausages, whereas my favourites so far are the Chicken & Vegetable Pot Pie and Sweet & Sour Pork.
The Sweets went over a treat as well.
So pleased I eventually made the move.

Top Nosh Meals Response

Hi Dawn - if its any consolation it took me a while to be convinced by my wife Dawn - that we should buy a frozen meal company - as I had only ever had one or two meals from supermarkets and they really put me off. But I'm glad Dawn got me to try meals from the company that we now own - as they were just like meals cooked at home and I knew the previous owners were onto something. That was 11 years ago and we had one of our biggest weeks ever last week - so I'm glad we took the plunge!

My personal faves are the new Asian Noodle dish and the Fish in Parsley.
Thanks for your ongoing orders and support :-)




Robert 22/8/2020

By: on 22 August 2020
Some constructive criticism: I am 94 and vision impaired. Therefore I cannot read the instructions . I also find it hard to open the film at the corner before cooking. I need to rely on a family member to assist. Other than that the meals are satisfactory. I particularly like the rice pudding.

Top Nosh Meals Response


Thanks Bob .... your feedback is appreciated.

I always think its best to be open and transparent, so whilst it may not be the answer you are looking for - we don't have a solution to the issues you have raised. There is so much information that we have to squeeze onto the labels nowadays that the size of the font is necessarily small. In the past we have looked at a card wrap solution for the Fresh Meal range, but this would bump the price somewhat and we know that that would not be a popular direction to go in. We have suggested the use of a magnifier in the past. Rest assured if we continue to receive similar feedback we will look at a card wrapping solution for our fresh meals.
The film on the meals not peeling that easy - yes I do understand and have worked with several customers over the years who have found the film hard to peel back. At the time we changed the film we use over to an "easy peel" brand and I suspect that we may have been using some older film stock recently. I'll check this out with our supplier who I'm meeting with on Sunday.
As an alternative Bob there were a number of options in a local store for opening seals and things that we were able to find for a different customer a while ago. Drop me a line if you'd like to know more and I'll have a look back and see what we were able to find and where we were able to buy them from.
Hope I have been some help :-)




Great Flavours

By: on 21 August 2020
As a new customer I am very impressed with the quality and taste of Top Nosh meals. i tried petite meals initially as my appetite had reduced, but now medium meals are perfect. Good old fashioned meals, perfect sized desserts.
Thank you all

Top Nosh Meals Response


Thanks Beryl...glad to hear you are enjoying our meals and you have figured out the size that suits you best :-)

Meals and their sizes just happens to be one of questions we get asked about all the time and for those that might be interested we have a video that covers in some detail the size of the meals we make.... it's called The Top Nosh Product Range and sizes are covered around about the 50 second mark...the link to the page is shown below......

Top Nosh Videos




Great service, Tasty meals

By: on 20 August 2020
We have done our first order and found the meals tasty and were better than another company we ordered from. The variety of meals were good and the serving size was just right, most have 3 sizes we picked medium.
Always great to have in the freezer for those nights you don’t feel like cooking. Great delivery to your door.
Thankyou again and keep up the great work.

Top Nosh Meals Response


Thanks Elizabeth.....before Dawn spotted what was back in those days Meals4U - I would never have considered a pre-made meal for dinner. But once we tasted what the original owners were making - even though in those days all the meals were frozen - I realised there was something different going on. So we purchased Meals4U - grew it slowly over the years and re-branded to Top Nosh Meals in 2017. We now of course have Fresh and Frozen meals and a team of 9! So - in a nutshell we agree - great when you don't feel like cooking.

Thank you Top Nosh

By: on 18 August 2020
Your meals are superb for a very old lady, thank you for your variation, cleanliness, and exceptional website. Suits me fine.
a 90 year old who enjoys a choice every day.

Top Nosh Meals Response


Lovely words - thank you Enid. It's always good to know we are making a difference!

Nettie’s no more slaving in the kitchen

By: on 12 August 2020
Hi , I have just placed our second order after a recommendation from my Sister who lives nearby
Very pleased with our meals my husband who usually due to health problems has a poor appetite has cleaned his plate every meal so far. His favourite so far sweet and sour pork
We have ordered mostly the fresh meals there presentation is very appealing
Looking forward to my next delivery thank you
Ps happy with size and value for our money

Top Nosh Meals Response


Thanks Nettie - sounds like we are making life a tad easier for you....clean plates - always a good sign

Good Food For A Good Price

By: on 21 July 2020
First Time Trying The Meals, very enjoyable and lots of variety.
It is a nice portion size too, any bigger is too much. I enjoyed
the Fish In Parsley Sauce, try to eat mostly fish in my diet,
yes recommend to people that want good food, without the fuss.

Top Nosh Meals Response


Glad to hear you are enjoying our meals and their sizes, and thnaks for the review and recomendation :-)

Meals and their sizes just happens to be one of questions we get asked about all the time and for those that might be interested we have a video that covers in some detail the size of the meals we make....

Top Nosh Videos




A great option for Seniors and (therefore) full-ti

By: on 23 June 2020
Hi folks,
I ordered 5 x meals for the 1st time last week for my Mum. I am a full-time carer and also a full-time working professional. Sadly grocery shopping and meal prep/cleanup is very time consuming (and strictly for the weekend), but I want Mum to eat nutritiously and at a time that suits her. That's where TNM steps in - thank you!
I have not tried the meals myself, but Mum says - Roast Lamb and Cranberry Meatloaf (+ veges) were lovely. She is not as keen on Tuna Patties or Lamb/Mint Patties... could just be a "Pattie" thing. My only other comment is the more coloured veges the better and the softer the meat the better... for Seniors at least.
Service has been excellent and website very easy to use, thank you.
Looking forward to next order and trying some other meals.
With sincere thanks!

Top Nosh Meals Response

Mark - great feedback thanks.

Yes - we agree with colorful veggies and soft(er) meats. In fact we now Sous Vide some of the meats for even extra easy to eat cuts and maximum yields - a win win for us all.

I'll mention too Mark that if your Mum has a Home Care Package we can bill it with up to 70% of the cost of a delivery and you can still order and pay online the co-contribution of 30%.

If Home Care Packages are not something you are familiar with then we have a webpage for that!!!

Thanks again Mark.
We look forward to looking after your Mum's meals for as long as she chooses to be a Top Nosher!

Love the FRESH meals.

By: on 22 June 2020
Cannot fault your FRESH meals. I do cook for myself but there are days I am just plain lazy. Nice to be able to pull out "eats" I know I will enjoy. Love talking with your delivery staff.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Cheers Eric........peeling Carrots, chopping Pumpkin, chopping Chats - it's all part of our regular Monday/Tuesday kitchen jobs now-a-days. Glad to hear that its all 'worth it'. Thanks again. Mike.

Good meals

By: on 21 June 2020
I buy your meals for my elderly father as he can no longer cook for himself,
He enjoys the great variety ,and loves the puddings at the moment he is enjoying the soups

Top Nosh Meals Response


Thanks for your kind words and the part your dad plays in our Taste Buddy program





Quality, Nutritious and Economical

By: on 18 June 2020
As I am on my own, i found all the hassle of preparing and cooking a meal to be more trouble than it was worth. Obviously my health started to suffer living on quick heat frozen snacks.
Then I discovered Top Nosh.
Now I get wholesome and nutritious meals delivered to my door at around the same price as buying all the ingredients to make it myself, without the fuss of preparation and clean up, not to mention shopping for all the ingredients and lugging them home.
I simply take the tasty meal from the fridge, microwave and eat. Dinner is done, container in the bin, dishes are done.
The icing on the cake is their willingness to work with my aged care provider and have the cost substantially subsidised by my home care package.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Bob. I reckon you have us summed up perfectly! Regards.... Mike, Dawn and the TN Team.

Wonderful meals and service

By: on 15 June 2020
I am by myself now and not wanting to cook good nutritious meals for myself. These meals are wonderful!
Nutritious, home cooked meals, very good variety and even though they come frozen they taste as if they are freshly cooked!
Home cooked meals!!
I highly recommend the meals, service, staff, very good communication.
Extremely satisfied. Thank you very much.

Top Nosh Meals Response
It's always good to hear about great customer experiences. I just read your comments out to the kitchen team. They were wrapped (in fact I got 4 'aaaahhhh lovely' reactions. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Anna - Mike, Dawn and the Top Nosh Team.


By: on 8 June 2020
By the number of reviews you have here, I hardly think that most wouldn't have time to read them all. However we are very busy people working around 10- 12 hours a day so these meals are a great help for us, they are the kind of meal that you would prepare yourself, home cooked. For those wanting controlled amounts to help loose weight this too is great. Keep up the good work.

Top Nosh Meals Response


Thanks Dail...glad we are able to help you stay on top of things!





Fabulous Gourmet classic meals!

By: on 4 June 2020
After injuring my hand recently, I tried Top Nosh Meals, for a fortnight .Every meal was delicious, a good range too! The recipes were traditional, prepared with care and beautifully presented. Delivered on time too,!
I was blown away! I'm off to order some more meals, now!

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Caroline....glad you really enjoyed! We'll look forward to dropping in just as long as you need us to. Mike, Dawn and the Top Nosh Team.

Thanks for your commitment in these trying times..

By: on 1 June 2020
Thank you for your genuine email explaining your well considered process in these challenging times. And thank you for everything you’ve done. We look forward to placing an order with you in the future – once I’ve stopped the cooking. Winking smile. Mum SO appreciates everything you do.

Situations similar to the past few months can push good businesses to greater things. Those with courage and commitment see this as an opportunity – as you’ve done.

Best wishes.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Gail. When we were in the thick of it we were really scared of what it all could become and stripping back all the marketing talk - we just stuck with what we do and geared everything up. Our greatest fear was the chance that we'd have to close and cause chaos to hundreds ... but we've got through so far thanks to our wonderful team and great suppliers. Onwards! Mike, Dawn and the Top Nosh Team...

Thankful from afar!

By: on 24 May 2020
Thank you. Our mother/mother in law is loving the food and choice! In these horrid times it’s been a big relief to know she is being fed well and with such care. We live in another state so it has been such a bonus for us to not worry about this area. We get a phone call after the delivery to be told how lovely the woman is that delivers the food! So in our eyes our mother in law is getting checked that she is ok on this day also. Thankyou

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks's humbling to know that we have been able to bring an element of normality to your Mum's life, and to know that she is very comfortable with our driver(s). We are taking all sorts of steps to stay open throughout the pandemic and so far so good. So far so good. Thanks again for your encouraging words. Mike.

Delicious Meals

By: on 18 May 2020
My 91 year old mother has just had her first order from Top Nosh Meals. And she loves them. She is very impressed with the quality of the meals and the delivery driver was so helpful. She is so happy with the service that she has told quite a few of her friends and neighbours , who are quite keen to order too.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Lynne .... please thank your Mum for spreading the word for us and to yourself for taking the time to share your Mum's feedback. Above everything else Word of Mouth continues to be the most effective form of advertising we enjoy...Thanks again Lynne. Mike.

Wonderful Service and Food

By: on 18 May 2020
Mike and Dawn

Your service has been a huge help. I was struggling to find someone who could deliver tasty fresh food to an older lady during this shutdown time.
I found my first contact with you very reassuring and nothing was too much trouble.

Elaine has been thrilled with the food and loves the fact that her nutrition needs are all in there and all she has to do is heat and eat.
It has taken the stress out of the whole situation for us. Thanks to you and the team for preparing, cooking and delivering good food


Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Jean - lovely words :-) We couldn't have wished for a better outcome!

On time delivery & very couteous deliverer.

By: on 14 May 2020
I have just had my 1st week of meals and am enjoying every one so far. Lots of vegetables too. I live in over 50's with limited cooking facilities so having home cooked meals is so good. Have put your menu on our notice board and recommended you to other residence. Thank you.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Wendy! Glad you enjoyed. Appreciate you spreading the news for us :-) Mike.

Great meals!

By: on 10 May 2020
I have just started ordering Top Nosh meals this week after my friend recommended you. I have found them to be excellent, great tasting, home style meals. Your delivery lady was very helpful too.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Terri....great feedback...I'll let the kitchen team and Kaylene know :-) Mike.

Cracker of a Start!

By: on 8 May 2020
Thanks Top Nosh team. We needed a solution to an existing service for my elderly mum, who had gradually lost interest in eating due to the unpalatable offerings being delivered by the other provider. Right from the start we found our dealings with Top Nosh were Top Notch! Friendly team, reliable service, and a lovely wide range of fresh and tasty quality meals. It took some convincing to get mum to try a new provider, but today after eating her first Top Nosh meal (Salmon) she phoned me to say it was delicious :)

Top Nosh Meals Response
Toni - thanks for your kind words - which I will read out to the kitchen team today - we all love it when we hear how our meals and services are helping people, and its especially important for the kitchen team as they rarely have any direct contact with our customers. Hopefully Mum is a Top Nosh convert! Thanks again ...... Mike and Dawn - owners Top Nosh Meals.

Sanity Saver

By: on 5 May 2020
Thank you Top Nosh!
I started ordering for my 80 something parents as an isolation birthday treat. Although still very capable, mum is so over cooking every night, and dad can not even cook toast. Mum has loved the quality of the meals, and the ease of preparation and clean up. I'm sure she does not normally pick quality ingredients when shopping for themselves, so the healthy, fresh products used in your meals are also much better for their ongoing health. They chose the fish in parsley sauce and roast pork as their first meals from the wide selection I chose for them and had delivered to them without warning. Thanks again Mike and Dawn.
I found Top Nosh Meals through a Google search of 'Coolum meal delivery'

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Scott It's always inspiring to hear a good news story - thanks for sharing a great Isolation story :-) I'll make sure that your feedback is read out to the kitchen team today, it'll really hit the spot as they have all been working extra long shifts as we figure out how to adjust to ongoing increased demand. Thanks again Scott - we really appreciate the insight... Mike and Dawn and the Top Nosh Team.

Tasty MEALS.

By: on 5 May 2020
I've found your meals very tasty and really just like home cooked ones! I think I'm on a winner and have told my friends at my retirement village. Your deliver driver was very pleasant also!

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Judy. We appreciate your feedback. Mike.

New Customers

By: on 23 April 2020
First experiences are very good. Quality of food is much better than another well known supplier of ready prepared meals we have been buying from. We expect to be ordering more next week. And by the way the trays the food comes in are much easier to handle and the meal can be eaten directly from them if you wish saving on time and washing up!

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks for sharing your experience so far Gerry. We have just switched to a new white tray for the Fresh Meals and I agree - they are very easy to stack and eat from for anyone that is not a fan of the sink (count me in). Keep an eye out for new Winter menu items coming soon on the Fresh list... Thanks again... Mike.

Thumbs up

By: on 9 April 2020
Day 1 - First meal fresh Salmon and veggie patties. Meal was very tasty and really hit the spot. Looking forward to the rest of the meals in my order. Service was spot on and will pass on my positive experience with others at the village!

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Louise... the Salmon Meal is everyone's fave and the best seller in the Fresh Meal range. We appreciate your kind word re the service too. Regards Mike.

Very Easy

By: on 16 March 2020
The staff were helpful and always returned my phone calls. They listened to the special delivery instruction and confirmed with emails. Very happy with service.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Karen for your kind words. The team work hard to keep the communication flowing - which has been especially important during the COVID outbreak. We hope we can help out again in the near future. Mike.

So far so good

By: on 14 March 2020
I have only had a few meals but have been thoroughly satisfied with all of them. So fresh and tasty, not at all like mass produced food. Plenty to eat and just the kind of meals I like, reminds me very much of meals my mother used to prepare for us in England.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Anne.... I have always been surprised at the amount of comments about the memories they bring back for people :-) Mike.


By: on 10 March 2020
I have recently started ordering a week of fresh & a week of frozen meals. The food is very good. Prepared meals are usually very bland, but not these ones. I am now a converted regular. Well done top nosh. I have already started telling others of the great food & service.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Hey - thanks for your kind words Ron and for passing us onto others. It feels good to be appreciated. The kitchen team work hard to bake real natural flavours into our meals and - its working! Cheers again Ron. We'll be here as long as you need us. Mike and Dawn.

Wonderful meals for busy families

By: on 3 March 2020
We have started to order your meals after I announced to my family that I was no longer going to spend hours in the kitchen every night as there were too many other important things to do, like taking children to activities, exercising, playing and reading to them. Your Fish in Parsley Sauce and Roast Lamb dinner are our two favourites so far - delicious protein and lovely vegetables to accompany it. I personally love the fact that there are no preservatives or chemicals in the meals. They are truly home-style favourites that I am confident feeding my family.
My stress levels have reduced and I am a nicer mum to be around now that I don't have to do the washing up every night :-) Just rinse the containers and put them in the recycling - winning!!
A request from my children is would it be possible to have broccoli as the green veg rather than peas in some of the meals?
Thanks Mike and Team, it's so good to have you on the coast.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Megan.....I'll pass on your thoughts about the broccoli / peas preference to the kitchen which we'll take into account for any future recipes. I know from experience that we'd most likely upset a few people if we changed existing recipes too much though! We'd also be keen to know if a family size meal might interest you too - say Meatballs and Pasta in a family sized portion? We have often thought of making meals in that size for families. Anyway - it was good to hear we're taking the stress out of dinner times for you - giving you more time to do things you want to and hearing that dinner times are now a washup free zone - how good it that! Thanks again Megan......maybe you'll be taking us into a new market! Cheers... Mike and Dawn...

Perfect solution

By: on 1 March 2020
By Frank on 25th February 2020
My mother in law had been ordering from Top Nosh meals for several years before entering an aged care facility. She loved them. From this experience I encouraged my 90 years old mum to consider them as she wishes to remain independent in her own house in spite of not always eating nourishing or adequate meals. I’m pleased to say she loves the meals, delivery was timely and easy and the menu extensive, tasty and healthy. Top Nosh meals has meant that my Mum is likely to stay healthy and independent for a while longer.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Frank - over the years there have been many occasions when the adult children that have been ordering for their Senior Mums & Dads have eventually become customers of ours too and it's always good to hear that we are helping Seniors with their independance. We'll be having a staff meeting in the coming weeks and I'll make sure your review is read out to the teams, especially the kitchen team - that have very little contact with our customers directly. Reviews such as always serve as a great reminder to us all of our ultimate purpose and the reason why we exist! Thanks Mike. (we were unable to locate the details of the person writing this review - if you happen to know who they are please email so that I can make a personal reply via email).

Top notch

By: on 1 March 2020
I was lucky enough to have the bosses deliver my very first lot of meals last week. What a lovely couple. You were probably surprised to see a healthy looking woman in her 60's, quite capable of cooking her own meals. Actually, I have two autoimmune conditions that make me feel so tired and chronic back pain as well as getting very painful feel when I stand or walk for very long. So, Top Notch was my choice to help ease the pain in my body and when I was cooking myself, I found I was wasting a lot of vegies and meals I had cooked too.

So Mike and Dawn and team...… you are a god send. Thank you so very much for creating absolutely delicious meals of a dietary requirement size and cook to perfection. Each and every meal looks and tastes like it has been made with love. And they are a reasonable price. I opted for the petite meal as I don't eat much and am trying to get my weight down from all the meds I am on. At first glance I thought, "this isn't going to fill me up". But once I sat down and started eating, I became aware that the flavour is so good that I was actually savouring every bit..... another good eating habit for healthy living. I was totally satisfied at the end of each meal, but still craved the desserts. I only order about 4 of them as they are very cheap for the proportion size. I think I could probably be happy with a quarter of a dessert after each meal. I just have to try to stop myself from eating the whole portion as they as so so yummy.

Once again, Thank you ALL for a wonderful service. And since I am in one of the new areas I think maybe you ( Mike and Dawn) will have to invest in expanding your business because I will be spreading the word.


Top Nosh Meals Response
Sharon.... it was lovely to meet you last week too and I'll make sure that I pass on your kind words to Dawn and the team. Thank you for spreading the word for us too - which is one of the main reasons we have grown from the small business we were back in 2009 to the business we are today. We're actively seeking new customers in your area so fingers crossed all will work well. Once again, thanks for your inspiring words. Mike.

Protein and Four Vegetables

By: on 27 February 2020
I was in hospital for almost three months having broken my ankle in three places. Coming out of hospital wearing a moon boot, the hospital social worker knew I would need help and recommended Top Nosh Meals.

I enjoy them very much myself preferring the fish ones and jump at the chance when there is salmon offering. I always eat these meals savouring every mouthful. Most of them have mashed potato which is a resistant starch when reheated.

I mostly order the petite meals large enough for a senior person and as well as the potato has three other vegetables. A small amount of protein and plenty of vegetable is the healthy way to eat.

I do love the enthusiasm of this company, definitely top nosh.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thank you for your review Faye. We especially like your closing line :-) Mike, Dawn and the Top Nosh Team.

Returning customer

By: on 24 February 2020
As it is some time since I placed an order with you I cannot give you an honest reply at the moment. I am placing a n order for some Top Nosh meals this week but can tell you that I have been trying out a number of prepared meal options and you are the one I am giving another go to!

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks June and good to see you back....I understand there are lots to choose from now-a-days, so we have our fingers crossed that we'll end up being you're choice going forward. Mike

Great food and service.

By: on 22 February 2020
My wife and I have been getting your meals for some time now and have always found the quality and cooking of the food excellent. The service is also excellent and I have no hesitation recommending you to anybody. Keep up the good work.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thank you Barbara, I'll be reading your comments out in the upcoming team brief. Kind Regards Mike.

Only way to go

By: on 21 February 2020
After a month or so of my homecare package carer suggesting I should get in meals for myself (Lupus)and husband (dementia) I eventually looked into the different food delivery services available. The reviews for Top Notch led me to try you first. To hear my husband say "that was nice" after several meals, when I have had difficulty in getting him to eat, ensures I have made the correct decision. Really looking forward to the beef and dumplings coming back on the menu, as several positives noted in comments I read. Thank you Top Nosh for helping us to stay in our own home. Wishing you the best for the next 10 years and beyond.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Gwenda - that's just awesome news. The teams here will be stoked! They are so - NOT - looking forward to rolling hundreds of Dumplings again though... Thanks you for your kind word - we are so glad all is working out for you. Mike. ps - if you are not aware Top Nosh is able to bill up to 70% of the cost of your delivery to your home care package, which is what the customer above is referring to.

Good food as always.

By: on 21 February 2020
keep up the good meals will pass on to others thanks Pete & cathy.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Peter & Cathy .... here is a note I added to your file almost 2 years to the day..... "Cathy and Peter will be paying for their first order, then they will be invoiced if they decide to continue". 27/2/2018 Thank you for all your valuable feedback as our taste buddies, it definitely helps us hit the mark first time with new products. Here's to the next 2 years.... Mike, Dawn and the Top Nosh Team.


By: on 22 January 2020
Thank You to everyone involved with the preparation , cooking and delivery of your wonderful meals. I first tried your meals 6 years ago, after having had a mastectomy. I was supplied with a weeks worth of meals, and boy, did we enjoy them. I am now at the chemo stage of cancer and because of tiredness and off days, we have started to buy in your "TOP NOSH" meals. What a blessing they are. Extremely tasteful , just the right size. Kevin has normally been a big eater, but the fresh meal size is enough for him, and he has lost quite a bit of weight from eating your meals. Thank You. We had the privilege of meeting Mike last week and what a lovely happy , friendly man he is.
Thank You Mike for your visit. Both Kevin and I can highly recommend your meals.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks guys. Your words mean lots to us and we'll pass them onto our teams. Cancer is a dreadful thing so we are real happy that we are able to offer you some respite and a well deserved break from cooking! I'll also pass on your thoughts to Mike, he'll be very happy to hear your thoughts. We'll see you on Wednesday as usual. Kind Regards... Lisa.

Thank you

By: on 19 September 2019
I bought these meals for my daughter who is adjusting to a life with diabetes. These meals were so healthy and fresh. She was able to take them to work and we both knew she was eating a good meal for her body. Took a lot of worry off me. So thank you

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks for the lovely review Michelle. I'm glad the meals are hitting the mark! We get quite a few referrals from Doctors and Dieticians and some customers do take our menu to their Doctor's appointments for confirmation that the meals are suitable for them. Peace of mind is an added bonus of ordering the meals! Cheers Lisa

Out of touch

By: on 9 August 2019
Sorry it has been a while since my last order. All sorts of problems arise as I am getting older (no! that maybe in years but I should say "more mature?". Also family problems crop up from time to time. Meals that I have order in the past have been "top nosh". The service, delivery & the "girls" (Hi Kaylene) are just great. I try to keep track of delivery dates to my area but everything seem to happen on those particular dates. Will be back again when things settle down at this end-hopefully very soon.

Still the best Mike & Dawn.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Hi Joyce - sounds like you're having a bit of a rough time there! I'll make sure your 'Hi' gets to Kaylene- and thank you for the final line - we appreciate that! M&D

All meals.

By: on 5 August 2019
have found all meals and service to beTop class, keep up the good work.

Top Nosh Meals Response
We'll keep on keeping on Peter and Cathy and thank you for being part of the Taste Buddy team. M&D

Great Meals and Friendly service.

By: on 3 August 2019
I have always found your meals of excellent quality (Especially the beef & Dumplings. (My favourite.) The service is great and the girls very nice and friendly on delivery. We cannot speak too highly of you. Thanks very much.

Top Nosh Meals Response
George and Barbara.....that's great news. Did you know that every dumplings is rolled by hand? It's one of the teams fave jobs (NOT)! Thank you for your kind words - which I'll pass on to the kitchen team and our drivers - Kathy and Kaylene. M&D

Highly recommended

By: on 1 August 2019
I live three hours from my Mum and was cooking and freezing individual meals for her. We tried a few other options and she’d always say “I want my “meals on wheels” back.!
The day I found Top Nosh meals was a “lifesaver “.

Mum loves the variety and the size of the meals are perfect for her. And ...... she loves the desserts. Especially the bread and butter pudding which is absolutely delicious. The roast lamb and pork and the beef with dumplings are her favourites. Love the variety of veges in the meals, and the meat is always tender. Thank you for providing these petite meals which are just perfect for the elderly. Kind regards Sue

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Sue - we introduced the Petite size back in 2015 and they were an immediate hit with lots of our very senior customers, for all the reasons your Mum has talked about, and of course it's very good to know that we are your lifesavers - I'll pass that onto the teams! M&D

Great tasty meals,

By: on 30 July 2019
I do enjoy all your meals, I get the medium size and they are plenty big enough for just my self
I would recommend to any one to try your tasty meals , soups and desserts yum! and the delivery girl is always smiling,
Thank You Sandra

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Sandra - it's a good feeling knowing that what we do as a team is working out well for you. Please pop in and say hello if you are ever up our way. M&D.

Excellent quality, just like home cooked meals

By: on 26 July 2019
Both my mum and mother-in-law get Top Nosh meals delivered. They are both fussy eaters but love these meals. They have their favourites - sweet and sour pork, apricot chicken, fish in parsley sauce, lasagne, peanut satay chicken just to name a few. The variety is excellent. The desserts are very popular too. It’s such a relief to know your loved ones can still have access to quality food even though they may not be able to cook as much as they used too. We are so happy we found Top Nosh and the staff are lovely.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Karen.... even after 10 years we still 'tingle' when we're told about the relief and peace of mind our products and services bring to the adult children of our Senior customers. Your Mum has also always been so very appreciative on the odd occasions I have delivered to her. Thank you for taking the time to post a review, we appreciate the effort it has taken. M&D

Thank you.

By: on 24 July 2019
I have had a few trips to hospital this year, and after the last one, the last thing I wanted to do was cook. I was given a brochure from you, and now I am not sure if I will bother cooking again.

Top Nosh Meals Response
The local hospitals have always been one of our great supporters Shirley, right from the very early days and we regularly call in with samples and new menus so they know first hand what it is they are referring. As you probably know we don't have plans or contracts so you can choose when you use us and when you don't! We'll just keep trying to entice you back with lots of deliciously tasty, healthy meals and the odd slice of Choc Bavarian :-) If you are ever over our way please call in and say hello. We have a large open plan commercial kitchen and you'd be very welcome to come have a look around and meet the team. Many thanks for your support and taking the time to share your thoughts with others. M&D.

Home style meals and deserts

By: on 24 July 2019
I'm a disabled person and use my NDIS funding for meals I've tried others but these are the best by far plus i'm supporting a local business Friendly staff also a nice bonus Thanks

Top Nosh Meals Response
It's been great chatting with your Pete, you are one of the very first customers to charge your NDIS package for the lions share of your home delivery. We look forward to looking after your meals for you into the future - keep an eye out for our Spring menu additions which are coming soon and have had great reviews by our Taste Buddies. Mike

My excellent deliveries of meals

By: on 15 July 2019
Been using these meals for sometime, now i seldom cook

Top Nosh Meals Response
....and is there anymore we could ask or want for Zeta! Your post says it all! Thank you for taking the time to review us and for your regular support. M&D

Curried sausages.

By: on 1 July 2019
This is one of my favourite dishes and I think if you could just add one more spoon of the sauce it would be perfect. Either that or reduce the rice. That is my only comment as I love all the meals and I will be a regular customer. I don’t order every week as I eat out occasionally and the frozen meals pile up.
Best wishes and keep up the good work.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks for your feedback and kind words - which have been logged and will be passed onto the kitchen Team Leader. Mike.

Best home delivered meals available

By: on 27 June 2019
My health is not the best, I have relied on ready made meals.
I was the opinion that I just had to eat food with no flavour and taste, I heard about Top Nosh meal delivery’s , and decided to try them as I had nothing to loose, if they were bad, well all the others I had tried were, on the chance they were good, I I thought well only one way to find out, so I thought give a try, I am so happy I made the phone call to place my order.
The dinners are the best around full of flavour, and everything cooked to perfection. The minestrone soup is to die for, the best soup I have ever had, same with the pea and ham.
It is a great feeling to know I have appetising meals to eat, as with age and ill health my appetite is not the best, with the Top Nosh meals, I am enjoying my dinner again.

Glenda Dunn

Top Nosh Meals Response
All of us are so pleased to hear that the meals are hitting the spot and tempting your taste buds. It just goes to's always worth giving something different a go! Cheers Lisa

Home style cooking for mum

By: on 16 April 2019
Mum has been caring and cooking for our family for many years. Unfortunately, the time has come that the risk associated with cooking is too great. I recently noticed that Top Nosh Meals delivered to mum's neighbour. I thought meal delivery to be a great concept and investigated further.

Like most people at 94 years, mum has some dietary requirements. So, we sat together in front of the computer and reviewed the menu and associated images. Mum was a little skeptical but chose her menu for the week. A few days later the meals were delivered with great service and a quick chat.

The meals are packaged and presented beautifully. Mum loves the meals and can't believe they taste so fresh. Needless to say we ordered more meals.

We done Team.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks for your review. It's great that you were able to use the website together to help your Mum make her meal choices. It's all about making life a little easier and more convenient....who wouldn't want that! Lisa

Top Nosh Meals are a God send.

By: on 5 April 2019
After trying my first order, I was so pleased with it that I started making a list for the next weeks delivery. I love the choice in sizes of meals and the taste and quality ingredients . Thank you Mike and Dawn for your good food and friendly excellent service. From a very happy new customer.

Top Nosh Meals Response
We're so glad you're a happy and thank you for the compliments. They mean a lot! Lisa

I Love Top Nosh

By: on 1 April 2019
I love Top Nosh,
I have tried a few different meals and have been very happy with all of them. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Sorry its taken a while to get back to you Lizzy. Thank you for your feedback - I'll make sure the kitchen team get to know your thoughts. Regards and thanks again Mike.

So bloody good

By: on 30 March 2019
Have been receiving meals for two weeks and look forward to a long relationship with TOP NOSH. Not hospital food and not meals on wheels. Beautiful home cooked meals like my mother used to make; and my mother was a bloody good cook. Congratulations to the team for making me want to eat again. Always better when someone else cooks it and no mess to clean up. Ciao

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Kaz! I'm glad you're enjoying the meals. It's great to have something that'll tempt your taste buds isn't it?! Lisa

A Helping Hand

By: on 21 March 2019
Tasty ready meals,great variety to choose from,good size.Have tried most but we have our favourites the pies are one,pasta dishes too,and your sweets are yummy.I have passed your website onto afew friends to check out if want to.This service is a big help to my household, when i need abit of help.I thank you for that,and the friendly delivery every week.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Glad to be of help Frances, that's our aim! Cheers Lisa

5 Stars

4 February 2019
I couldn’t be happier with Top Nosh Meals.
Instantly impressed talking to helpful, professional staff over the phone and extremely happy meeting fun’n’friendly delivery driver Kathy... she clearly loves her job.
Oopsy... I nearly forgot to mention how tasty and healthy the meals are... full of flavour... and I’m hard to please... giggle giggle

Great staff + great food = Very happy customer!!!

Quality and reliability

By: on 2 February 2019
I have tried more than one meal delivery firm and only Top Nosh gives us the true flavour of home cooked meals. A small, family firm with that family feeling for their customers. We do appreciate that deliveries are prompt, reliable and cheerful and that any queries are dealt with the same day, usually by the boss. Thanks Mike. We have dealt with them for years, firstly once a month, then once a week and now every day, with the occasional weekend off for me to keep my cooking skills current. I have recommended them for years and will continue to do so as their quality never varies. Long may they thrive.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thank you Laureen, it's lovely for us to have such wonderful customers who are happy to share their appreciation!

all meals we have had.

By: on 2 February 2019
Being of poor health i have to be careful to get meals with no spices or herbs or garlic .After trying a number of other brands we tried Top Nosh and found what we wanted.Lovely evening meals.At a reasonable price. Delivery Ladies are the best. thank you.

Fresh is best!

By: on 1 February 2019
This food is delicious! The fresh meals are exactly that & really are the equivalent of home cooking. The frozen meals surprised me too. The quality ingredients make the difference & many of the recipes are new to me too. The three different sizes is sensible as we all eat different amounts. I find the medium perfect. It allows me a different meal each day with no leftovers. The offer of seven meals for a great price makes cooking myself more expensive! Give it a’ll be impressed too!

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks for your review Julia. The team here at Top Nosh will be thrilled to read your comments (we print and discuss all reviews at our team meets). Until next time.....thanks again :-) Mike, Dawn and the Top Nosh Team.

Life savers

6 January 2019
What a wonderful range of meals you offer, all tasty with that home-cooked flavour.

My father has been enjoying your frozen meals for the last couple of years - they are miles ahead in quality and value than any other frozen meals on the market.

Delivery is such a bonus and it’s wonderful to be dealing with a local business who really care about their customers.

Thank you!


Top Nosh Meals Response
Kate... we appreciate your kind words and - whow - what a summary! Many thanks.... Mike, Dawn and the team at Top Nosh

Those Aromas.....!

By: on 3 January 2019
The aroma of the Penne Boscaiola drifted to me while my sister was heating this meal.

I visualised myself like the cartoon characters, who sniff out an aroma and float through the air to it.

Of course, I had to do a taste test and then refrain from confiscating my sister's meal. Absolutely delicious.

More orders will follow. Cheers, Marie-Clare

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Marie-Clare - you have a knack of making this dish sound extra yummy! I must try one for my lunch today - it's been a while! Mike

Who needs to cook?

By: on 28 December 2018
I first started having meals delivered when one arm was out of action. I initially tried a pre-packaged meal from the supermarket, and it was inedible. I then decided to give Top Nosh Meals a try for a week then if I didn't like them I wouldn't reorder. That was back in September, and three months later I am still with them.

I find the variety extensive and interesting, and the quality is excellent. I started with medium sized meals however found they were too large, so dropped back to the petite size.

I have found ordering on-line easy and convenient, and the delivery girls - and today I had Mike - all friendly and helpful.

At this stage I have no reason or desire to return to cooking; shopping, preparation, dishes - who needs it!

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Dianne... We're all loving your comments - it's a great way to usher in the New Year! We introduced the Petite Meal size back in 2015 after lots of our customers started to let us know that they Medium Meals were getting too large for their appetites. They were an instant success and it's good to hear that they continue to hit the mark! Happy New Year....

Very happy with taste, quality and size selection

By: on 14 December 2018
I have never enjoyed cooking and for the last couple of years have tried several home delivery meal services; most have been very expensive and far too large in size. Happily, I can now order very tasty meals at a reasonable price and choose the size. I have found that eating a Petite meal at night enables me to sleep much better, as well. Many thanks!

Top Nosh Meals Response
Glad to hear it Shirley!

Tasty Homemade Meals Ready to Heat

By: on 6 August 2018
Thanks for a delicious meal. It really felt like it was cooked fresh even thought it was reheated and the taste was so 'home-cooked' and the chicken was still juicy and tender even though reheated which is hard to get in Pre-made meals. Loved the veges too and mushroom flavoured sauce was delicious. Definitely would buy your Top Nosh Meals again :)

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks Debbie - glad you enjoyed!

Mike and the team @topnoshmeals.

Tradie Plus

By: on 18 July 2018
As a tradie always on the go, cooking can be a pain.

The solution is Top Nosh Meals.

Good variety, fresh produce, affordable, healthy & tasty.

5 Aces.

Keep up the great work Mike, Dawn & Team

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks "Tradie Plus" Paul.

You really should be in marketing you know :-)

Always good to see you in store.






Very Helpful Products

By: on 16 July 2018
My mum gets by well on the Petite Meals and enjoys the wide variety I chose for her.

Delivery makes it very helpful as well. Keep up the good work.

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks Bob. 

We appreciate your feedback.



By: on 11 July 2018
Thanks Mike and Dawn for slipping in new items from time to time.

We tend to stick to our old favourites but nice to try new ones now & again.

Special thanks to ever patient Lisa for her courtesy calls when we forget to order or press the wrong button & for Kayley who smiles through good weather and bad.

Your drivers are the face of your company and do you proud. Keep it up.

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks for your kind words.

I will make sure our teams get to read them for themselves.

Regards Mike

Corned Beef

By: on 11 July 2018
Our Corned Beef is cooked the traditional way in crock pots and it takes ages - but - it's worth it to get that melt in the mouth experience.... here are some recent comments we have taken from customers over the phone.....

Dorothy, Noosaville - the corned beef melts in my mouth

Edna, Buddina - corned beef is delicious

Brenda, Pelican Waters - I really like the way you are cooking the corned beef

Liz, Maroochydore - I love the corned beef - can I have 5 please?

Rose, Pelican Waters - love the corned beef

Wonderful Meals - Ideal Size.

By: on 10 July 2018
Thanks Mike and team for your wonderful meals and thank you too for arranging to deliver the same order to me each fortnight.

The Petite size is idea for me & I get my steamer out if I want a few extra veggies.

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks Liz....glad you liked enough to repeat fortnightly!

We'll have Kaylene up your way every fortnight - starting next Tuesday.


Thanks again..


Bellmere Friendly Grocer

By: on 9 July 2018
We have been stocking a range of fresh Top Nosh meals now for a few months & the customers love them.

The variety is great & the best part is if there's any left over at the end of the week, I get to take them home & have them:-)

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks Ann.

Your enthusiasm is infectious and very welcomed...


Great Meals

By: on 9 July 2018
I've used these meals for many years and they have been tasty,the right size,good nutrition, and easily heated and stored.Thankyou for ringing to remind me when I forgot to reorder.It was wonderful to hear a cheerful voice on the phone.

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks Mavis.

I think your words say it all!

Simply the Best !

By: on 8 July 2018
Have said this before, and will say it again - these guys are the greatest .
I have tried most that I can without affecting my allergies, and I keep coming back for more. When I had problems or forgot to order or forgot it was coming, these guys have contacted me and gone out of their way to help. Love the food, love the service, and love them all.
Keep up the great work !!

Top Nosh Meals Response
Love your words Dianne - thanks for them. Always a pleasure - Mike, Dawn and the Top Nosh team.


By: on 8 July 2018
Good quality meals. Friendly drivers and staff. Would not hesitate to recommend Meals 4U. Russ.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Russ.... we'll make sure we keep everything good as we transition over to Top Nosh Meals. Mike and Dawn.

Top Tucker

By: on 8 July 2018
Morning Mike & Dawn,

I guess there are a lot of people, like me, out there who would rather talk to people than write something about them but here goes for a few comments.

Petite meals are just right for me & are top quality. I love the chicken & vegetable soup & the pumpkin soup and there are several other which I buy all the time.

Top rate service from everyone concerned & I might mention in particular Kaylene who delivers my order. You could not have asked for a better person to work for you. No matter what the weather & there have been some terrible days to even think of driving anywhere, she always has such a pleasant nature, always smiling & she thoroughly deserves the award she received recently.

I think I was as excited for her & chuffed about it as she was when I heard. Keep up this great service.

Top Nosh Meals Response
Joyce...thanks for making the effort to go public with your thoughts, we really appreciate that. Yeah - the soups are flying out at the moment with the winter chill. My fave isPea and Ham. I'll let Kaylene know what you said - she will love that. Did you see the glass trophy she was awarded by our local MP? It was impressive! Speak soon Joyce.... Mike

By Brian July 2018

By: on 8 July 2018
Hi Mike and Dawn, Many thamks for your great meals service. A wondful selection, hearty ingredients and well prepared. We recently started getting these for my father-in-law who is in his 90s and still enjoys living independently. He loves the variety and prefers the mid sized meals. We've also appreciated being able to call and discuss ordering and deilvery arrangements. Thanks so much.

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks Brian....

very happy to hear that we are helping your father in law maintain his independence.

I'll make sure the teams here get to read your feedback.

Kind Regards






Great service.

By: on 8 July 2018
All your meals are tasty. I am on my own now and just don’t order so often now but how wonderful to have my meal ready so quickly after visiting my husband in care. Especially love those pies. Thanks Mike and Dawn. Always delivered with a big smile.

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks Iris...

A pie and a smile - what more could you ask for?

Here's a few to keep you going in-between orders.... :-) :-) :-)

Thanks again Iris - Mike, Dawn and the Top Nosh team....

Old school rice pudding

By: on 4 July 2018
I enjoy this dish, but it’s hard to find one that’s not in a tin. So finding this at my local corner store was a nice surprise!! It tastes just like my mum used to make and I will be buying more and this time I’ll share with the kids!

Thanks Mike and Dawn for your wonderful hard work

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks Sam...that's great to hear - fresh Rice Pudding is a new line for us and that's just what we were trying to achieve!

Many thanks for taking the time to let us know. We appreciate that.


Stockman's stew

By: on 3 July 2018
So far I've only tried the Stockman's stew with dumplings. By far the best pre packaged meal I've purchase. Very good quality ingredients. Would recommend product any time.

Top Nosh Meals Response

Thanks for the feedback Ian.

It's a great Winter dish made this year with a generous splash of Stout that gives it body and a subtle flavour.


Jackaroo Stew

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