Sticking With Our Knitting - A Statement from Mike and Dawn

Author: Mike   Date Posted:10 April 2020 

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Sticking With Our Knitting....

Whilst the last 4 weeks have presented a whirl wind of possibilities, calls from far and wide to deliver meals in bulk, cater for organisations where their suppliers are struggling and the temptation to try and explore new markets for family meals, we can categorically state that we are...

.. sticking with our knitting ..

Over the years we've felt the pain ourselves when 1 of our suppliers went chasing opportunities, diversified into new products lines/customers and then somehow forgot the importance of maintaining the service and quality for those like us - that had supported them for years.

That is not going to happen here.

We may not be getting to you at the same time and we may have to move your delivery day around a little - but we'll keep you informed - as you know the telephone is our shared lifeline!

We are not seeking new opportunities - we do genuinely care for our loyal customers way too much to even think about that and as long as we can satisfy ourselves that we are not putting you - our Senior Customers, ourselves or our team at risk - we'll be open, taking orders, delivering and sticking with our tagline .....

We Cook - We Care.

and the Top Nosh Team.

Top Nosh Meals
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Beerwah 4519

(07) 5494 0113

Ordering Over The
The Easter Weekend??


Leave a message on our answer phone service
(07) 5494 0113

and we'll return your call before 3pm Monday.
leave an order online before midnight Easter Monday 13th April - for a delivery on our usual delivery schedules.

PS - getting your order to us as early as possible will definitely help us handle the increased demand.

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Thank You .

By: on 11 April 2020
Thank you for your update. Great to be back .

Top Nosh Meals Response
And great to see you again Joan. Here's to an improved 2020! Mike and Dawn.

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