Tasty Food At Our Local Eatery..

Author: Mike   Date Posted:1 January 2019 

Tasty Food At Our Local Eatery.. main image Tasty Food At Our Local Eatery.. image


It's always risky taking family and friends to your fave eatery - but Pappar'delles at Kings Beach has never let us down.

So we wandered over again tonight with some of our closest rels - who are known for their own wicked home pizza - and the Pappar'delles Pizza's were to die for!

Not the most attractive looking venue but there is a creative force in their kitchen that deliverers again and again.....so I captured some Pizza moments to share :-)


Top Nosh Meals have no association with Pappar'delles other than being satisfied customers happy to pass on our experience to others.

If you give them a try we hope you enjoy!



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