Corona Virus Update

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Corona Virus Update

5/4/2021 09:48

Deliveries continue in all delivery areas despite the restrictions currently being enforced by Queensland Health for the state.

Drivers will be wearing masks and sanitising before and after all deliveries.

Drivers will only enter premies where we have an agreement in place.


Products And Availability

we are firm believers that a business should maintain good stocks of all of its product range and we work hard to achieve this, but in the current situation we are finding availability of some items and ingredients hard to source. So - please don't think we would ever announce that we are out of stock of a product lightly.

Here is a summary of the current situation...


Monday 5th April 2021

All items are avaible


Stopping The Spread

Please advise us if you are unable to answer NO to all of the following questions..

1. Have you or anyone you have been in close contact with travelled overseas in the last 14 days?

2. Have you been in close contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?
3. Is there anyone in directed isolation in the house?
4. Are you currently undergoing testing for COVID-19?
5. Are you currently experiencing any of the following symptoms:
Fever, or Flu like symptoms such as coughing sore throat and fatigue?


Standards For All Home Deliveries...

- we will make you aware of our arrival and leave your order in a suitable location outside your front door.

- sorry but we are no longer taking cash.

- we are avoiding use of lifts in apartment blocks, unless there is a covid plan in place for their use.

Please contact us if these new delivery standards mean that you are not able to order from us - we are making exceptions where there is an absolute need to.




We've implemented these measures to protect everyone's interest and to maintain a regular and reliable service.


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