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Documents relating to our partnerships with Allied Health Organisations can be located and downloaded via the following link

The Services we offer for your clients....

You are welcome to supply a clients details and we can take it from there. We are NOT a high pressure sales team and prefer to think of as our customers as our own elderly parents and treat them with respect accordingly.

We will not make any decisions for our customers unless it's clear that they are ordering too much or in too large sizes (which often happens with people's first orders).

We will ask if they wish to be contacted the day before we are in their area next week/fortnight but ALWAYS finish the sentence with - 'or would you rather just call us?'

Our regular drivers will alert us, and us you - if there is a backlog of meals or obvious/immediate health issues.

We can set a customers order to repeat weekly, fortnightly or every 4 weeks with a prompt to call (or not).

We make between 70 and 120 calls per week to customers on our Order Reminder Service. Our team are trained to ask - 'we are in your area tomorrow Joan, would you like an order this week/fortnight or are you OK?' - we ALWAYS give them an easy and comfortable way to say 'no thanks'.

Essentially we live and die by our motto - 'We Cook - We Care' and we have been providing services to Care Organisations for their clients since the early days of the Transition Care Program of the mid 90s!

Split Bills For Clients With Home Care Packages.....

for clients on a package we are able to split the bill on an agreed 70/30% basis (where 30% represent the cost of the ingredients).

We have many existing customers that pay for part of their order and we invoice the balance to their provider to be charged against their Home Care Package.

We can also advise the client that they need to call their provider if they attempt to order more than an agreed amount that you have advised to us for a weekly or fortnightly order. 

For couples we can either charge the full amount of one order to each package on a rotating basis, or raise an order in each clients name each time they order. Please note that for every order a minimum amount of $45 is required. If we are delivering 2 orders to the same address we only charge the standard delivery fee once...not twice.

Here is a sample customer receipt and Care Provider Invoice......