Petite Meals (Frozen)


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 may suit you better if you're a busy Mum, Gym Junkie or Time Poor millennial.


Petite Meals (frozen)

We created this Petite range of very small frozen meals following feedback from many of our Senior customers that our Medium frozen meals were becoming too large for their appetites as they aged.

All with all of our frozen meals, they are very lightly seasoned (if at all) and have minimal amounts of strong flavoured ingredients such as Onions and Garlic and are all based on traditional recipies.

Size Weight Volume*
Petite 180-220 5
Medium 300-370 3
Large 400-520 2
*approx this number of meals 
take the same freezer space as 1 loaf of bread

Re-heat time 2-4 minutes.
For Frozen Meals  - please place your online order  by 2pm on the day prior to your delivery.