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Author: Mike   Date Posted:23 April 2019 

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shortly after 2005, when our founders Donna and Darryl Tunley first started Home Delivery of meals to people on the Sunshine Coast and Northern suburbs of Brisbane, they were approached by Nambour Hospital to deliver meals to patients being discharged. 


Back in those days arrangements were very informal and often based on verbal agreements only, nonetheless this was the forerunner to the present 'Home Care Packages' system. 


Arrangements are very different now-a-days where stringent new requirements have challenged the adaptability of our admin people, computer systems and internal processes, but fortunately we are well past the teething stage and managing split payments for orders is a process we first started well over 3 years ago.


If you have a home care package and would like to talk to us about charging a large proportion of your order to your package (typically 70%) - we have the experience and knowledge to help out.



If for any reason you have been told that food cannot be charged to a Home Care Package - we can confirm that this IS TRUE, but the food prep and handling can - and this is the portion that we are now charging direct to the Care Provider that administers your Home Care Packages typically on a 70%-30% split basis.


If you'd like to chat further or find out more, call us and ask to speak to Mike or Lisa, or email and we'll get right back to you. 


Home Care Packages - part of who we are and what we do - Since 2005!



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