Tomato Sauce or Gravy??

Author: Mike   Date Posted:7 May 2021 

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By: on 9 May 2021
Perhaps let each customer order which they would like. All that is needed to supply the sauce or the gravy. That way to please everyone. Good luck with new addition. many thanks. June

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks for your suggestion June. The overwhelming feedback we received from a large majority was that we should include Tomato sauce, so in the interests of ease of ordering and less confusion - we have been swayed that way by the majority. Mike.

cornish pastie

By: on 9 May 2021
Neither I don't like single use plastics - plus putting a sauce sachet in with a frozen meal could be dangerous if the meal is overheated, it could explode when picked up!
I personally prefer tomato sauce and most people have it in their pantry, so you don't even need to put one in! Some like sweet chili sauce.

Why don't you offer
cornish pasty w gravy
or naked cornish pasty (for those who want their own sauce etc)

Top Nosh Meals Response
Hi Merilyn - thanks for your concern and I agree with you entirely...fortunately its a snack and not a meal, so will naturally be taken out of the wrapper before re-heated - so the sauce will be easily seen. The feedback in favour of Tomato Sauce was overwhelming - so we decided to go with the majority. Thanks Mike.

Cornish Pasty - Sauce or Gravy?

By: on 9 May 2021
My first thought was "tomato sauce" as that is what I always have with a pasty.
However, I also love gravy and, being a winter meal, gravy would be warming.
I guess I always just have sauce because it is easy and I wouldn't take the time to make gravy.
BUT if someone is making it for me I'm sure I'd enjoy gravy!
(Many people would have a bottle of tomato sauce in the fridge anyway, so offering gravy would provide a choice of options depending on what they felt like at the time.)
So, I guess I'm on the fence - not much help, I know ;-)

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks Kathy - had we had not had as much feedback as we did to "go with tomato sauce" I think you may have swayed our thinking! Thanks for sharing....Mike.

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