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Ready Made Meals For The Elderly

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Top Nosh Meals

Ready Made Meals For The Elderly

Top Nosh Meals (TNM) delivers frozen ready made meals all over the Sunshine Coast and northern Brisbane, focusing on home carers and seniors in our community. We’re a local, family-owned business creating ready made meals for the elderly with the same love and care as you’d put into your own cooking.

When you choose Top Nosh Meals, you’re choosing convenience without sacrificing freshness or nutrition. Our ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, cooked daily by our dedicated team, and snap-frozen to retain colour, flavour and nutritional value.

Why Are Ready Made Meals For The Elderly A Good Idea?

Meal delivery services have long been a popular solution for busy families juggling work and family life, but they can also be a great choice for the older members of the family. Ready made meal delivery can be a great choice and help to improve overall nutrition and health. As we age, our dietary needs change and it can be difficult to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. TNM’s meal delivery services offer pre-made, nutritious meals that are tailored to the specific dietary needs of the elderly, including meals that suit all appetites.

Our petite meals weigh between 180 – 220 gms and suit those with a small appetite, those convalescing from a stay in hospital and those who are just trying to rebuild their appetite. 

Medium meals weight between 300-370 gms and offer the widest range. The large range is our smallest but weighs between 400 – 520gm and is designed for those with a big hearty appetite or when a friend is dropping over and you don’t want to cook.

Another bonus of ready made meals for the elderly can also provide a much-needed sense of community (something we at TNM love!) and encourage socialisation. As many elderly people live alone or apart from their families, it’s very common for them to feel a bit lonely and isolated. When we deliver our ready-made meals to homes of the elderly, it gives them the chance to talk to one of our friendly team members, providing a welcome break from the daily routine. 

And of course, there’s so much convenience when it comes to having cooked meals delivered. It can be useful for those with mobility issues, cutting down trips to the supermarket and making good food accessible to all.

Homemade Style Meal Delivery On The Sunshine Coast

Try Our Homemade Meal Delivery Today

TNM’s homemade style meals are for locals by locals on the brilliant Sunshine Coast. This keeps money in the local economy, which in turn benefits everyone! And of course, we source our ingredients from local independent businesses to support local folks, rather than importing food from overseas. This means fresher and tastier meals for you!

Home Care Provider Packages Available

TNM supports individuals and carers across the Sunshine Coast and northern Brisbane with our range of ready made meals for the elderly. We are a registered service provider – meaning that, if you are a Home Care Provider, you can save as much as 70% off the cost of our ready made meals. Once you have confirmed your eligibility for our discounted meals with your Home Care Package, you can start enjoying the savings.

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Try TNM’s Delicious Menu Today

Do you know somebody who would benefit from our tasty menu? Order from TNM today and receive your meals as soon as the next day. We have a 2pm cut off for next-day frozen deliveries, and a 11am cut off for Salads. 

We hope you love our homemade meals as much as we do!

Cooked by Locals

 Prepared onsite in Beerwah by our team of local cooks

Frozen Meals

Delivered straight to your door

Nutritionally Balanced

Our meals are balanced and packed full of flavour

Traditional Recipes

Wide range of new and old classic meals

Top Nosh meals

Taste The Top Nosh Difference

From a classic Sunday roast lamb dinner to a delightfully warm butter chicken curry for a quick midweek meal, there’s so much to try at Top Nosh. Order from our tasty range today and receive your meals as soon as the next day! We have a 2pm cut off for next-day frozen deliveries, and a 11am cut off for Salads.

We can have healthy meals delivered in Brisbane’s north, as well as the Sunshine Coast. We are always looking to expand, so ask us if you can try Top Nosh Meals today.

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