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Author: Mike   Date Posted:6 January 2020 

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in 2019 we flew overseas and stopped in 2 airports on the way to our final destination.

The reception we received from the first airport's customs staff was just awesome.

We were asked to stay together as a family for entry procedures by the airport staff as they funnelled us towards the guy behind the glass who checks your passports and visas. Whilst I can’t recall the exact words that were used it was obvious that families are an important part of their culture.

When we arrived at the counter to have our passports checked Dean, my son, yawned. The big burly guy checking our documents paused and leaned towards Dean and had a friendly chat with him about the best beach with the saltiest water that would ‘wash away the jet lag’. It was a simple ‘human’ touch that was completely unexpected.

Dean and I swam at the beach as soon as we could. It was perfect!        

Our next stop was terrible. The airport staff spent most of their time chatting about their break times, made no eye contact and made us feel like a complete nuisance. The guy behind the glass used a tone and an approach that was blunt, impatient and almost angry.

Roll forward to last week. Dawn and I walked around Brisbane and stopped for coffees at an iconic location with picture perfect views of the city.

On arrival we asked if we were ok to have drinks only. With a long pause and an uncertain tone – a guy sat us down. He was distant, again made no eye contact and was at best – indifferent and at worst – arrogant.

We paid and left, with nil communication.

Now – let me tell you though about Café On Goodwill. This place is awesome – it’s a coffee stop with tables and chairs perched on the Goodwill Bridge. The views are spectacular and the service is just remarkable.

We ordered and I got asked for my name, no surprises there, then I started to notice that the guy that took my order was taking the time to ask people if they had enjoyed their coffee as they were leaving, in a very genuine way and caring manner.

Our coffees were taken by a member of the team in the wrong direction and a ‘Mikes over this way’ voice sang out and the main guy pointed the waiter in our direction. When the waiter arrived he asked if we were visitors and had a chat with us about nothing in particular but took an interest in us.

The whole feel of the place was just great, really welcoming and so much different than the ‘other location’.

If you get the chance say hello to Brendan and the team for coffee and lots of other goodies on the Goodwill Bridge in Brisbane, which connects the Uni with Soutbank, you'll enjoy great service - it's obviously so part of their DNA! 

I was so impressed that I wrote this review on their Facebook Page - which Brendan - the owner - responded to...

As I sit here in the office writing my blog I can hear the Top Nosh team chatting away happily to you over the phone as you place your orders with us. For many it's the first order of 2020 - so there is lots of catch up on!

I hope we are going as well as Brendan and his team and if you have any thoughts on our service I'd love it if you shared them so that I can pass onto the office team.

Welcome to 2020.



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