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The Taste Buddy Story

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Taste Buddy

When we are working on dishes for a new menu we make up an initial small batch of the dish and send individual meals out - at no charge of course - for trial to a small group of customers.

These customers have agreed to share their honest opionions with us (in a caring sharing way) which helps us predict how successful the dish will eventually become. 

In some cases feedback from the our Taste Buddies has stopped an idea in its tracks, in other situations it's helped us understand issues that we may encounter and in yet other cases we have changed elements of the meal completley.

We welcome new Taste Buddies to the team so if you'd like to become a Taste Buddy please run through the checklist below then call us if this looks like you!

Mike & Dawn.


Check list

- I am a semi regular Top Nosh customer who orders at least once a month.

- I'm OK to share my honest opinion over the telephone or via a form.

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