Winter Menu Changes


New Menu Items

--- Cottage Pie ---

This is one dish that weve been asked to put onto the menu by lots of people!

So it will be available on our Winter 2021 menu in a frozen Medium sized meal.

It will be available as part of the Best Buy dishes so is making a come back as a top value meal.


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--- Beef Mince Stew & Dumpling ---

A completely new dish to Top Nosh, this is an easy to eat soft meal that can be eaten with a spoon or a fork only (if neccessary).

We are expecting that this dish will sell well especially in the colder Winter months. It's warm, hearty and filling. This dish is available as a frozen Petite and Medium meal, as well as a Fresh Meal.

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Frozen Meals That We Are Adding To The Fresh Range

We've added 2 meals from our Frozen range onto our Fresh Meal choices

(they'll still be available in frozen).

Chicken Pot Pie + Steak & Mushroom Casserole is available as a Fresh Meal on our Winter Menu.

--- Soups ---

Back on the menu for the Winter season are 3 additional soups.

Pumpkin, Pea and Ham and Chicken Noodle Soup.


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--- Easy Eats ---

We've added a home made Cornish Pasty to our Easy Eats this season - and we pass on our thanks to all of you who helped us choose between Gravy and Tomato Sauce as an accompaniment.

They are in a single serve and all the early signs indicate that they will be a hit!


We were surprised when we took a look at the sale of our easy eats to learn that not many people buy only 1 Salmon Pattie (most by at least 2) and Beef Mince Croquettes were the slowest sellers.

We also found out that our home made Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls were the stand out seller so taking all of the above into account here are the other changes that we'll be making to the Eay Eat section for Winter...

So we've added the Cornish Pasty, selling the Salmon Patties in packs of 2 (and at $7.90 you'll make a small saving on the total price for 2 single Patties on the old menu) and finally we've taken the Beef Croquettes off the Winter menu (they just didnt sell that well and we need the space for the Cornish Pastie).



Menu Items We Are Retiring

From our Fresh Meals (Fresh Meals only - not frozen) he following items will be retired..
Pork, Leek and Apple Csserole
Sweet and Sour Pork
Beef Lasagne
It's never easy taking items off and we typically do so only after 2 seasons of sales when an item is not selling as well as others.
Dont forget though that the meals listed above are not being discontinued altogerther and will still be available in Frozen Petite and Medium sizes, just not in Fresh.
We'll be taking the Beef Mince Croquottes off the menu and dropping the salads back to the Garden Salad only.
All of our fresh meals have had a .50 cent increase to $10.40.
This is a reflection of the labour intensive nature of the fresh meal range when compared to the frozen range. As always we never like increasing prices and we hope this increase meets with you acceptance and understanding.
The Chocolate Bavarian has also also had a slight increase to $4.20.
Winter Menu Links
To Download a printable Winter Menu - Winter Menu
To visit the New For Winter category on our website - New For Winter 2021
That just about rounds up the changes that have introduced for our Winter Menu and we pass on our thanks for your ongoing support which has kept us alive and kicking for the past 12 years!
and the Top Nosh Team