when we first released the petite meal range back in 2015 we realised that we needed some extra small kitchen tools to make extra small meals.

One such tool was a potato scoop – and we hunted around for a number of weeks to find one as small as we needed to make a tiny portion of mash.

Extra scales were also needed to cope with the increased weighing we needed to do.

Packaging was an issue and it was hard to find a Petite Sized container that would meet all the needs – but of course we did.
Petite meals having their lids and labels applied on a typical busy day.

Sadly the customer who first ‘inspired’ the Petite – smaller portion sized meal – has now passed away. His appetite faded with age and he stopped using us for a while as the Medium sized meal became too large for his needs.

Once we discussed the idea of a smaller sized meal with him he said he’d start re-ordering that size straight away – and he did – virtually right up until he moved into respite.
In many ways we believe that the Petite Meal range has helped us maintain and grow as they enabled us to offer a range of sizes that customers can ‘downscale’ to as their needs decline with age.

Petite Meals
simply smaller versions of our pre-made frozen Medium sized meal for Seniors that require a quality ‘smaller’ meal and home delivery on the Sunshine Coast and the more Northern suburbs of Brisbane.