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Fresh Meals

...ideal if you lead a busy life and dont want to spend lots of time in the kitchen but do want a home style meal prepped locally with easy ordering and unattended delivery.

- 330g Minimum net weight
- Based on International/Mediterranean and local recipies 
- 8 day shelf life- Hand made with the very freshest ingredients
Frozen Meals 

...ideal if you're looking for an economical home delivered meal time solution and due to age or illness you find cooking challenging. 

Roast Chicken Dinner  - from our Frozen Meal range

- Lightly seasoned meals

- Available in Petite or Medium sizes

 - Based on traditional recipies popular with Seniors

- 3 month use by date 

- Hand made from fresh and frozen ingredients

- Delivered to your freezer or to your door in an eski

Petite Meals Page 


Medium Meals Page 


Owned & Operated By...

Our English founders Mike and Dawn tripped around Queensland with their 2 kids back in 1993.

They were hooked on the laid back lifestyle and settled in the Glass House Mountains in 2000 (after several aborted attempts to reside here).

In 2009 Dawn 'convinced' Mike to buy a small food manufacturing business in Beerwah and the rest - as they say - is history.

They work alongside a small team of cooks, drivers and admin staff and love everything that SE QLD has to offer.

They have a healthy paranoia regarding service and reliability and they consider 'Out Of Stock' small business blasphemy. 


Home Delivery

Minimum $45 + $5 delivery fee