Petite Meals - An Overnight Success

Author: Mike   Date Posted:3 July 2019 

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If you're recovering from an illness, surgery or are simply finding your appetite is diminishing with age - the very last thing you often want is a big plate of food.

In 2015 we recognised that our current meal size had become too large for many of our aging clients, so I made phone calls, home visits and email surveys.
I visited Edward, a lovely guy and trusted mentor and customer who had supported us for years. He told me that he'd switch to the smaller meal 'Next Week' if they were available. I knew we were onto something.  
After a glass of Red (or 2) Dawn named them - Petite Meals, Edward (and others) loved the samples we gave him, so we launched our new Petite Range late in 2015. They were an overnight success.
At 200g they were (and still are) are a smaller replica of our medium meals, so our customers know that they are  getting the same quality meal - just in a smaller portion.

Edward continued with us into his mid 90s when his ability to digest food left him. He was an ultra organised person and we'll be forever thankful for his trusty words of wisdom.

If you would like to know more about the range of pre-made Meals we have been delivering to people in their homes on the Sunshine Coast and the Northern Suburbs of brisbane since 2009 please call any of our friendly team on...

(07) 5494 0113

or visit the petite page of our webite.

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By: on 4 July 2019
Petite meals are appreciated by me in my senior years. We eat to much anyway. I like emphasis on vegetables too so important for gut health.
Fay Thomson

Top Nosh Meals Response
Thanks for that Fay. I'm glad they're working for you, and it's great that there is no wasting of food too. Cheers Lisa

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