Easy Winter Meals To Welcome The Cool Season

At Top Nosh Meals (TNM), we’re always looking for yummy, easy winter meals that translate into a great home style, snap-frozen meal for our customers. Whether you want to shop our menu and fill up on our winter favourites, or use this list to plan and inspire your cooking, here are our picks for the ultimate comfort food for the upcoming chilly months.

Minestrone Soup

Minestrone soup is such a winter classic we couldn’t possibly leave it off the list. Simple yet so nutritious, it’s a tomato-based soup stacked to the brim with fresh vegetables and even becomes a full meal when teamed with a slice of crusty bread and a cheeky glass of red wine. It’s already great for a hearty lunch. Either way, you’ll love the addition of it in your menu.

Steak And Kidney Stew

Stews are some of the best easy winter meals around, being hearty, warming and comforting as well as being able to be made with just about any ingredients. At TNM, our choice for this winter is a steak and kidney stew paired with veggies and some delectable mashed potato on the side.

Cottage Pie

This is an all-time favourite! A traditional mix of beef mince and vegetables topped with mash and a sprinkling of cheese, you really can’t go wrong with this cottage pie winter warmer. But what about a vegetarian version? It’s easy to replace the meat with cooked lentils for a hearty and protein-packed option that’s also meat-free!

Curries Galore!

Easy winter meals don’t come easier than curries! It’s so easy to blend spices with your preferred protein and vegetables to make a satisfying, warm and healthy meal. Pork massaman is a beautiful mild sweet curry that offers moist pork, soft potato pieces and crunchy peanuts in a creamy coconut curry. If you haven’t tried a massaman curry before: do yourself a favour and get one of ours!

Looking for a slightly different zing? Try a green chicken curry, which is sweet and fragrant with authentic flavours of coriander, Kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and coconut milk, all served with green beans and rice.

Old Style Curried Sausages

Oh, this is a classic. Remember back in the early days when a curry was made using Keen’s curry powder, sultanas, carrots and onions? This winter, it’s time to welcome back the curried sausages of those simple days – and they’re just as tasty and homely as ever! Served with peas and mash, this is a great winter menu item.

Beef Lasagne

Making beef lasagne from scratch might not be considered easy for some, but when you choose a locally made then snap-frozen beef lasagne from TNM, it truly does become an easy winter choice. Ours is made to its original recipe with a dash of nutmeg and lashing of made from scratch creamy bechamel sauce – just like it was back in the 80s.

Classic Roast Dinners

One of the best easy winter meals, the classic Sunday roast needs very little work but results in a delicious classic. Whether you prefer roast chicken with warming vegetables like sweet potato and broccoli, gravy-topped roast pork, or a tender slow-cooked roast lamb, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to this wintry classic.


A winter menu staple, there’s so much you can do when it comes to casseroles. Our favourite is a chicken and apricot variation, which creates a succulent meal with natural sweetness. Of course, we had to pair it with mashed potato for the ultimate winter warmer.

Looking for more delights and inspiration for winter? Browse our entire menu online and find a new favourite!