Sustainable Meal Delivery

Meal Delivery And Sustainability: Making Conscious Choices

Convenience is king in today’s fast-paced world. Meal delivery services cater to demand by offering delicious, pre-made meals or recipe kits delivered straight to your door – but whilst this can be very convenient, the environmental impact of these services can be a cause for concern.

But at Top Nosh Meals, we believe that meal delivery can still be done sustainably, especially when it comes to working alongside locals. Let’s take a look at the list of pros and cons when it comes to meal kits, and how we’re working to make things better.

The Unsustainable Side Of Meal Kits

One of the biggest concerns customers tend to have with meal kits in particular is the excessive packaging that comes along with them. Many meal kits come with a significant amount of packaging – plastic trays, individual portion packets , and bulky boxes. This generates a lot of waste, especially since some of these materials may not be readily recyclable.

Then, there’s the large carbon footprint. This is particularly relevant to large companies –these national meal delivery companies often source ingredients  from all over the country, potentially even the globe, leading to a higher carbon footprint due to transportation emissions.

Food waste is also a problem: many meal kits are in fixed portions, and sometimes these portions may be too large or not tailored to individual needs. This can lead to food waste, particularly for single-person households.

Making More Sustainable Choices

Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy the convenience of meal delivery while minimising your environmental impact! There’s quite a few things you can consider to balance both convenience and eco-awareness.

Shop Local

It’s best to opt for meal delivery services that source ingredients from local farms and producers, since this goes on to reduce transportation distances whilst supporting your local economy. At Top Nosh Meals, we proudly work with local suppliers, ensuring freshness and minimising the carbon footprint associated with ingredients! In addition to this, our local prepared meals are also made by local chefs, meaning that you keep your money in the local economy and support your community!

Keep An Eye On Packaging

Any company with a commitment to sustainability will prioritise recyclable or compostable packaging materials. Look for those that minimise individual packaging and use recycled containers whenever possible.

Look At Your Portion Control

You can also consider meal delivery services offering options for portion control. At TNM, we offer a number of local prepared meals in three sizes, including petite, medium, and large, allowing you to shop for your appetite. This helps minimise food waste, which is particularly important for shopping for seniors.

Recycle What You Can

To be as green as possible, be sure to properly dispose of any unavoidable packaging waste. Look for companies that provide clear instructions on how to recycle their packaging materials.

Sustainable Choices

The Top Nosh Difference

Here at Top Nosh Meals, we understand the importance of sustainability.  We are committed to providing delicious and convenient meals while minimising our environmental impact.

  • We use locally sourced ingredients. We source our ingredients from trusted local farmers and producers whenever possible for our local prepared meals. This reduces our carbon footprint and ensures the freshest, most flavorful ingredients in every local prepared meal
  • We use minimal packaging. We prioritise minimal and recyclable packaging. Our meals are snap-frozen in conveniently sized portions, minimising individual wrapping. We also use cardboard boxes that are readily recyclable
  • Portion control options. We offer a variety of meal sizes to suit your needs. This allows for better portion control and helps reduce food waste
  • We support local communities. You’ll be playing a part in supporting your local farmers and producers, strengthening the local economy and food system
  • And of course, our meals are fresh and delicious! We use the freshest, seasonal ingredients to create delicious and nutritious meals you’ll love.

Meal delivery services can be a convenient way to enjoy delicious and nutritious meals, but it’s important to consider the environmental impact. With TNM, you can enjoy a guilt-free culinary experience – shop our huge menu online today!