You often tell us that 
lots of things just seem to work – when you’re eating well.

Your problems diminish.

Your issues resolve.

Your bills get paid automatically.
(ok – stretching the truth a little there – smile 🙂

And over the years we’ve been told these type of things many times.

Yet – it always feels just as good to hear new customers say these type of things as it did over 12 years ago.

That tingle of satisfaction.

It’s just like the feeling you get at the end of a great movie:-)

But we know that …

Our drivers can be super friendly.
Our prices can be great.
Our office team can be awesome on the phone.

and …. yet 
you most probably decided to use us again only after…

Your Microwave pinged.
Your appetite was met.
and there was literally nothing left on your plate…

In other words 

You had thoroughly enjoyed what we do! 


The fact that we…
Bake, Cook, Mix, Chill, Tray, 
Roast, Chop

by hand (not machine)

seems to make all the difference.

You won’t find any machine made
swirls on your Cottage Pie…

powdery flavours in your soup…

or crinkly carrots in your meals.

Because at Top Nosh we make
your meals by hand – not machine.

It’s the way its always been and we have no plans to change the cooking methods that have worked well for you since 2009!