Minted Lamb Patties - We Don't Do Spicy

Author: Mike   Date Posted:8 January 2020 

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'We don't do hot & spicy food' is the standard answer to a question that we get asked frequently by new customers, or existing customers when they ask us about a new menu item. 

Minted Lamb Patties are a great example of this made here in store using....

only the best Lamb Mince a touch of Garlic Mint and a small amount of Onion   

Available as a Fresh or Frozen Meal, this dish made a popular come back in 2019 after a successful run several years ago.

Check out the Fresh version of this meal here on our web page...

or call us...

⁠(07) 5494 0113⁠

It is also available as a Frozen meal in Petite, Medium and Large sizes.

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